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From the tweets of Daisy Wildsmith, the Impetus contributor offers her opinion on Manchester City’s 2-0 win at Birmingham City yesterday afternoon.

Birmingham kept everybody waiting in the tunnel, their little mascots freezing. Then only Staniforth ran onto the pitch, the rest waltz on all lacklustre, they faff for ages on the pitch, get into position all lackadaisical….and they concede within the first 34 seconds…as City strung together thirteen uninterrupted passes from kick-off to that goal.

In the early stages, you could clearly see the superiority of City compared to Birmingham. They were consistently protecting and intercepting possession with their bodies, something Birmingham were not doing. Having said that, for the hosts, Staniforth was shining in the early stages.

Fair play though, after 20 minutes, Birmingham found their flow and got City ball chasing. As the rest of the half developed, they fully came alive. If only they had started the game with that sort of momentum. In the end, a second City goal finally killed Birmingham off and they looked tired compared to City. Another plus for the home side was keeper Hannah Hampton doing what she does so well, showing that she is a senior England goalie of the future.

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Daisy Wildsmith is a regular contributor to Impetus and is a women’s football supporter from the West Midlands.

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