The View From France

Jean-Pierre Thiesset returns with his regular column bringing us all the news from the Women’s game in France. This week he rounds up all the action from Week Eight of the D1 Arkema season.

This D1 Arkema round came up with a few surprises.

Firstly, Dijon’s 1-0 win over Montpellier, and Guingamp obtaining a 1-1 draw against Paris FC. Bordeaux’s 2-0 win over Le Havre and Fleury’s 2-1 win at Reims. Olympique Lyonnais won 5-1 against Soyaux which is not a surprise. Equally, Paris St. Germain’s win over Issy is not a surprise, but the score line was an incredible 14-0!

Montpellier was not able to stop losing after their game at Lyon last round and the consequence now is that Dijon are now only two points from third place and Bordeaux are back in the game and move up one place to third in front of Montpellier fall one place.

Bordeaux are already eight points behind second placed PSG and it seems that like in a lot of seasons before this one, the title will be once again played between Lyon and PSG.

In this context, the match between PSG and Lyon game next week in the “Parc des Prince” in Paris will be the most important of the season for PSG. If Lyon win at Paris, they will be five points ahead of PSG and the D1 Arkema championships will have no more suspense for the first place. This game will be played on Friday 20 November 2020 at 9:00 PM.

So, as an OL fan, I hope that Lyon win and secure the first place to fly towards a 15th consecutive title, but as a football fan I have to say that if PSG win it will keep more suspense and the rest of the championships season will be more interesting even if I would prefer the former result.

Another interesting game will be Paris FC against Bordeaux which will take place on Sunday 22 November 2020 in Paris. Bordeaux being only 2 points ahead of Paris.

See you next week for the results …

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