The View From France

Jean-Pierre Thiesset gives us news of the announcement of France’s squad for the upcoming final qualifiers for the Women’s European Championships. With qualification still in doubt and all sorts of behind the scenes conflicts, there were many eyes on Corinne Diacre’s selection this time round.

Corinne Diacre has announced her list of players for the next two games for France’s national team. During her introduction to the announcement, she tried to minimize the current situation (relating to the behind the scenes conflicts with players) and was rather calm and said that the most important thing was to win the next games to ensure the qualification of the French team for the European Championships in England. She did not want to talk about the current problems and said that she will not use media to answer these matters.

The selection is without big surprises:

GOALKEEPERS: Durand, Munich, Peyraud-Magnin

DEFENDERS: E. Cascarino, De Almeida, Karchaoui, Morroni, Perisset, Renard, Torrent, Tounkara.

MIDFIELDERS: Bilbaut, Clemaron, Dali, Geyoro, Henry, Majri.

FORWARDS: Asseyi, D. Cascarino, Diani, Katoto, Laurent, Le Sommer.

Despite her television interview at the weekend (see: ), Amandine Henry is back in the team and Diacre said during the press conference that she will captain the French team. Amel Majri, who had spoken a little bit in support of Henry, is also in the squad.

Sarah Bouhaddi, who had said the day before the squad announcement that she would accept selection, is not named; Corinne Diacre said that she learnt the previous night of Bouhaddi’s opinion and said and that so far Pauline Peyraud-Magnin did the job during the last two games.

Now, we just need to wait for November 27, 2020, the important match against Austria, to know who will be on the field as starters. Personally, I think that there will be most of the Lyonnaises and Parisiennes players on the field.

I expect the following starting team:

Goalkeeper: Peyraud-Magnin.

Defenders: Renard, Karchaoui, Torrent, Tounkara.

Midfielders: Henry (Captain), Majri, Diani.

Strikers: Le Sommer, Cascarino D., Katoto

I think that with this team, France should easily win against Austria and I will produce a review on 28th of November to celebrate my insights or to discuss why I was wrong!


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