The Chicken Salt Co Partner Impetus’ Coverage of Australian Women’s Football And Offer Readers Exclusive Discounts

We are really pleased to announce that UK based The Chicken Salt Co has begun a partnership with Impetus which will see them support our coverage of Australian Women’s Football and offer our readers an exclusive 5% discount on Chicken Salt orders from their website.

Chicken Salt is an Australian staple and found in all of the nation’s takeaway shops and supermarket shelves with Australians dousing it on their chips and rotisserie chickens.

The Chicken Salt Co is the first and only chip shop chicken salt seller filling a gap in the UK market for the real deal chicken salt you find in local takeaways in Australia… not the supermarket stuff but the real imported wholesaler salt, coarsely grounded and intensely yellow.

As well as their sponsorship of all of Impetus’ Australian Women’s Football coverage, they are offering every Impetus reader 5% off all orders of Chicken Salt from their website. Go to and place your order – 5% will automatically be taken off of the cost. The coupon code is impetus.

If you have any queries about your order, please email

The discount link for Impetus readers will appear on each article on the site related to Australian Women’s Football – whether it be W League, The Matildas, interviews, previews or features.

We thank them for their fantastic support and hope our readers develop a liking for the yellow stuff as much as we do at Impetus HQ!

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