Impetus Partnership with Bure Valley Youth Delivers New Equipment

Bure Valley Youth FC chairman Ted McCarter shows how working with Impetus has helped to bring valued new training equipment for the girls and youths teams once restrictions are lifted.

Last week we were so excited to announce that we had partnered with Norfolk based girls and youth football club Bure Valley. Connected with this, we were only too happy to donate a small amount of money in order to help the club buy new training equipment to help support the club once coronavirus restrictions are lifted.

Via Wroxham Women player Kate Pasque, who works for Lowestoft based Harrod Sports (who have provided equipment to many major sporting events such as the 2019 Rugby World Cup and the UEFA Champions League Final), the club were able to use Impetus‘ donation to purchase this incredible range of equipment:

Above: Bure Valley Youth FC’s new equipment. Photo: Ted McCarter.

Speaking about the arrival of the fantastic new resources, Bure Valley Youth chairman Ted McCarter said: “Today we’ve taken delivery of some fantastic new training equipment financed by a kind donation from our friends at Impetus. A new relationship has been forged with Harrod Sport and Wroxham Women’s Kate Pasque, they have provided us with the new Finesse range. Our amazing children can’t wait to get back to training and improving their fitness and skills. A massive thank you to Impetus for their support of the female game at grassroots level, it’s absolutely amazing.”

We are so happy to have been able to help and can’t wait to hear how the children get on when they are back in training!

Artwork: Graphics by PW

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