My Footballing Experience

In another article written by the players of Bure Valley Youth, one of our partner clubs, Maisie from their Under 14s team shares her experience playing football with us and why she loves Bure Valley Youth FC so much.

When I was younger I used to compete in individual sports, therefore I had little experience of any team sports like football. When I started at Bure Valley I knew most of the girls there from school, and I knew them well however, I didn’t know their style of play or their skills. As I trained and played more, I understood how they worked together and I started to experience how teams sports work.

I am always excited to play with the team and eager to score. I love the adrenaline rush when the ball gets played at my feet in a forward position and when our team scores or when we win a game. I also love every training session, they are all different and fun. We usually play a match at the end of the session, this helps me improve my skills so I am ready for the game at the weekend. Everyone is so supportive at the club, the players but most importantly the coaches. They work harder than all of us, they prepare the sessions, they make them fun, and not only do they teach us to be better footballers but also to be better sportspeople.

I am a season ticket holder for Norwich City, I go to Carrow Road with my dad and brother, it is absolutely brilliant. I love learning new tricks and experiencing thousands of people enjoying the same moment together. Watching football got me into football, it’s always been something I enjoy and I wanted to try it. Many of my friends at school attend a football club and they all said the club would be happy for me to join. I am so pleased I have started football , and recently my dad has started to coach, and it really feels like a family.

I have loved my time at Bure Valley and can’t wait to start it up again when allowed. It’s a big part of my life now and I can’t wait to start another chapter.

Artwork: Graphics by PW.

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