Bure Valley’s Youngest Girls Tell Us Why They Love Playing Football!

We’ve had some fantastic Friday articles from the youngsters at our partner club Bure Valley Youth FC over the past few weeks. This time, two of the club’s youngest players, cousins Autumn and Ella tell us why they love playing at Bure Valley FC.

Hello, I am Autumn. I am 5 years old and am in reception class. I go to football at Bure Valley FC. I am a Mini Kitten. I like going to football to see all my friends like my friend Ellie from school. I have made lots of new friends too. The best thing is I get to see and play with my cousin Ella. My Mummy and my Auntie Rosanna are my coaches and sometimes my sisters Gracie and Poppy help too. I like playing lots of different games. My favourite game is the numbers game. At football I have lots of fun and I love seeing my friends enjoy it too. When I play football, I am like my Mummy as she plays for a team too! My favourite football team is Everton because my Daddy likes them, and I also like Norwich City. 

Above: Two of Bure Valley YFC’s youngest players Autumn and Ella share their love of the game. Photo via: Ted McCarter.

Hi, my name is Ella, I am 5 and in reception class. I like playing football at Bure Valley Mini Kittens as I get to see my cousin Autumn and my Auntie Victoria. I love playing football and practising new skills. The best thing too is my Mummy is my football coach and my Auntie, that’s great as they are really nice and fun. I have lots of new friends there too. I’m left footed but my right foot is nearly as good as my left now. Over lockdown I’ve practised every day in my lounge. My favourite ball mastery skills are toe taps, tic toks and sole roles, I can do toe taps really fast now! I also love practising my step overs and scissors and lately I’ve worked on my turns; I find my step over turn and drag back the easiest but need to practise my Cruyff turn more as I find that one really tricky. My favourite football player is Teemu Pukki who plays for Norwich City FC and my favourite England player is Harry Kane. 

Artwork: Graphics by PW.

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