W-League Grand Final Preview: The Referee

Above: Rebecca Durcau – refereeing her third W-League Grand Final this Sunday. Photo: @WLeague

The best players want to play in the biggest games – and referees are no different. Which is why Rebecca Durcau is buzzing to have been appointed to referee in Sunday’s Westfield W-League 2021 Grand Final, when Sydney FC host Melbourne Victory at Netstrata Jubilee Oval.

It’s the third time Durcau has received the honour, recognition for her excellent season refereeing eight games in the Westfield W-League 2020/21 Season, and comes a year after she was appointed to the Westfield W-League 2020 Grand Final behind closed doors as the coronavirus pandemic took hold.

Durcau revealed she was called last Sunday by Strebre Delovski, director of refereeing for the Australian Professional Leagues (APL), to be told she would be in charge of the season’s showpiece event.

“It’s a really nice bonus after what’s been a choppy season because of all the issues associated with playing during COVID,” Durcau said.

“But though it sounds like a cliché, it’s just another game in terms of preparation – it’s the same effort to get everything right.

“You know the atmosphere will be there, and that passion levels will be higher because it’s a final, but at the end of it you want all the focus to have been on the game and hopefully no one’s talking about what we did.”

Joining Durcau will be Assistant Referees Laura Moya & Lauren Hargrave, Additional Assistant Referees Lara Lee & Isabella Blaess with Sarah Ho as the Fourth Official.

Durcau also officiated in the Westfield W-League 2018 Grand Final, and APL Commissioner Greg O’Rourke said her selection once again was fully deserved.

“We want the referee who’s most on top of their game to be in charge for such an important event, and you can see that Rebecca is in exactly that space,” said O’Rourke.

“Her third appointment to a grand final is testament to her professionalism and dedication, and I’m sure she will do her best to help produce a great game of football.” 


2009 – Queensland Roar 2 (Harch 6’, Butt 26’) Canberra United 0

Venue: Ballymore Stadium, Brisbane. Referee:Kate Jacewicz. Attendance: 4,554.

Queensland Roar: Casey Dumont, Kate McShea, Karla Reuter, Clare Polkinghorne, Brooke Spence, Elise Kellond-Knight, Lana Harch (Ruth Blackburn 85’), Tameka Butt, Lauren Colthorpe, Courtney Beutel (Tashina Roma 84’), Ellen Beaumont (Stephanie Latham 75’).

Canberra United: Lydia Williams, Rhian Davies (Nicole Begg 80’), Amy Chapman (Ashleigh Sykes 46’), Caitlin Munoz, Sasha McDonnell, Ellie Brush, Grace Gill, Hayley Crawford, Cian Maciejewski, Kara Mowbray, Thea Slatyer.

Above: Queensland Roar celebrate Lana Harch’s goal in the first ever W-League Grand Final. Photo: Zimbio

2010 – Sydney FC 3 (O’Neill 66’, Walsh 73’, Rydahl 78’) Brisbane Roar 2 (Harch 14’, Butt 92’)

Venue: Shark Park, Sydney. Referee:Kate Jacewicz. Attendance: 1,439.

Sydney FC: Nikola Deiter (gk), Teigen Allen, Servet Uzunlar, Heather Garriock, Julie Rydahl, Sarah Walsh (Brittany Whitfield 89’), Kylie Ledbrook, Cathrine Paaske (Michelle Carney 90’), Kyah Simon, Linda O’Neill, Leena Khamis (Catherine Cannuli 84’).

Brisbane Roar FC: Casey Dumont (gk), Kate McShea, Karla Reuter, Clare Polkinghorne, Joanne Burgess, Elise Kellond-Knight, Lana Harch (Courtney Beutel 72’) (Steph Latham 83’), Aivi Luik, Tameka Butt, Lauren Colthorpe, Ellen Beaumont.

2011 – Sydney FC 1 (Ledbrook 34′) Brisbane Roar FC 2 (Butt 10′, De Vanna 66′)

Venue: Campbelltown Stadium, Sydney. Referee: Kate Jacewicz. Attendance: 1,872.

Sydney FC: Dimi Poulos, Teresa Polias, Danielle Brogan, Servet Uzunlar, Renee Rollason (Catherine Cannuli 76’), Caitlin Foord, Kylie Ledbrook (Linda O’Neill 90’), Lydia Vandenbergh, Teigen Allen (Nicola Bolger 68’), Kyah Simon, Leena Khamis.

Brisbane Roar FC: Casey Dumont), Clare Polkinghorne, Brooke Spence, Joanne Burgess (Karla Reuter 84’), Kim Carroll, Elise Kellond-Knight, Lana Harch (Lisa De Vanna 42’), Aivi Luik, Tameka Butt, Amy Chapman (Kennya Cordner 67’), Lauren Colthorpe.

2012 – Canberra United 3 (Heyman 10′ 55′, Sykes 17′) Brisbane Roar FC 2 (Gielnik 21′, Butt 63’pen)

Venue: McKellar Park, Canberra. Referee: Kate Jacewicz. Attendance:2,512.

Canberra United: Lydia Williams, Caitlin Cooper, Ellie Brush, Hayley Raso (Emma Kete 69’), Grace Gill (Caitlin Munoz 76’), Michelle Heyman, Nicole Begg (Sykes), Ashleigh Sykes, Sally Shipard, Taryn Hemmings, Jennifer Bisset.

Brisbane Roar FC: Casey Dumont, Laura Alleway (Olga Cebrian-Garcia 84’), Clare Polkinghorne (Ellen Beaumont 71’), Brooke Spence, Joanne Burgess (Emily Gielnik 21’), Kim Carroll, Catherine Cannuli, Lana Harch, Aivi Luik, Tameka Butt, Vedrana Popovic.

Above: Canberra United lift the 2021 W-League title. Photo: Zimbio

2013 – Melbourne Victory 1 (Larsson 41’) Sydney FC 3 (Bolger 25’, Kerr 48’, Simon 86’pen)

Venue: AAMI Park, Melbourne. Referee: Kate Jacewicz. Attendance: 4,181.

Melbourne Victory: Brianna Davey, Danielle Johnson, Maika Ruyter-Hooley (sent-off 85′), Rebekah Stott, Laura Spiranovic, Petra Larsson, Stephanie Catley, Jessica McDonald (Jessica Humble 73’), Enza Barilla, Amy Jackson, Gulcan Koca.

Sydney FC: Sham Khamis, Teresa Polias, Elizabeth Ralston, Samantha Kerr, Nicola Bolger (Larissa Crummer 80’), Caitlin Foord, Renee Rollason, Annalie Longo (Brittany Whitfield 90’+3), Chloe Logarzo (Natalie Tobin 86’), Alanna Kennedy, Kyah Simon.

2014 – Melbourne Victory 2 (De Vanna 38’, Barnes 41’) Brisbane Roar FC 0

Venue: Lakeside Stadium, Melbourne. Referee: Casey Reibelt. Attendance: 2,504.

Melbourne Victory: Brianna Davey, Jessica Humble, Katie Hoyle (Emily Hulbert 77’), Stephanie Catley, Jessica Fishlock, Lisa De Vanna, Jessica Samuelsson, Emma Checker, Beattie Goad (Enza Barilla 92’), Gulcan Koca (Ella Mastrantonio 68’), Lauren Barnes.

Brisbane Roar FC: Nadine Angerer, Laura Alleway, Brooke Spence, Kim Carroll, Elise Kellond-Knight, Katrina Gorry, Vedrana Popovic (Sunny Franco 83’), Tameka Butt, Hayley Raso, Emily Gielnik (Larissa Crummer 58’), Ayesha Norrie (Joanne Burgess 46’).

2015 – Perth Glory  1 (McCallum 63’) Canberra United 3 (Ochs 20’, Sykes 75’ 78’)

Venue: nib Stadium, Perth. Referee: Kate Jacewicz. Attendance:2,671.

Perth Glory: Mackenzie Arnold, Sarah Carroll (Carys Hawkins 62’), Bronwyn Studman, Shannon May, Alanna Kennedy, Caitlin Foord, Kate Gill, Elisa D’Ovidio (Gabrielle Marzano 73’), Collette McCallum, Shelina Zadorsky, Marianna Tabain.

Canberra United: Chantel Jones, Catherine Brown, Caitlin Munoz, Ellie Brush, Grace Maher (Julia De Angelis 53’), Michelle Heyman, Sally Rojahn, Nicole Begg, Ashleigh Sykes, Lori Lindsey (Grace Gill 91’), Stephanie Ochs.

Above: Canberra United after their 2015 Grand Final win in Perth. Photo: W-League

2016 – Melbourne City FC 4 (Beattie 32’, Little 54’, Goad 80’, De Vanna 95’) Sydney FC 1 (Simon 69’pen)

Venue: AAMI Park, Melbourne. Referee: Kate Jacewicz. Attendance: 4,206.

Melbourne City FC: Brianna Davey, Jen Beattie, Laura Alleway, Aivi Luik, Steph Catley, Kim Little, Larissa Crummer (Marianna Tabain 67′), Jess Fishlock (Alexandra Chidiac 89′), Lisa De Vanna, Rebekah Stott, Beattie Goad (Amy Jackson 86′).

Sydney FC: Michelle Betos, Liz Ralston, Jasmyne Spencer, Teresa Polias, Nicola Bolger (Olivia Price 83′), Princess Ibini (Sunny Franco 63′), Natalie Tobin (Renee Rollason 74′), Alanna Kennedy, Teigen Allen, Kyah Simon, Leena Khamis.

2017 – Perth Glory 0 Melbourne City FC 2 (Fishlock 45+1′, Yanez 72′)

Venue: nib Stadium, Perth. Referee: Kate Jacewicz. Attendance: 4,591.

Perth Glory: Gabrielle Dal Busco, Sarah Carroll (Patricia Charalambous 75′), Kim Carroll, Alyssa Mautz, Nicole Sutton, Rosie Sutton, Vanessa Di Bernardo, Jaymee Gibbons (Shawn Billam 54′), Natasha Rigby, Sam Kerr(c), Arianna Romero

Melbourne City FC: Lydia Williams, Lauren Barnes, Teigen Allen, Laura Brock, Aivi Luik, Steph Catley (c), Jess Fishlock, Erika Tymrak (Melina Ayres 94′), Rebekah Stott, Marianna Tabain (Amy Jackson 68′), Beverly Yanez (Tyla Jay Vlajnic 87′)

2018 – Sydney FC 0 Melbourne City FC 2 (Fishlock 35′, Taylor 75′)

Venue: Allianz Stadium, Sydney. Referee: Rebecca Durcau. Attendance: 6,025.

Sydney FC: Aubrey Bledsoe, Caitlin Cooper, Georgia Yeoman-Dale, Elizabeth Ralston, Emily Sonnett, Kylie Ledbrook (Rachael Soutar 75′), Teresa Polias, Chloe Logarzo, Lisa De Vanna, Leena Khamis (Remy Siemsen 66′), Princess Ibini (Julia Vignes 84′)

Melbourne City FC: Lydia Williams, Yukari Kinga, Steph Catley (c), Rebekah Stott, Lauren Barnes, Jessica Fishlock, Aivi Luik, Kyah Simon (Rhali Dobson 62′), Jodie Taylor (Tyla-Jay Vlajnic 90+2′), Ashley Hatch (Amy Jackson 84′)

Above: Melbourne City lift the trophy in 2018. Photo: Onceametro.

2019 – Sydney FC 4 (Huerta 6′, McCaskill 41′, 61′, Logarzo 70′) Perth Glory 2 (Kerr 23’pen, Mautz 68′)

Venue: Jubilee Stadium, Sydney. Referee: Kate Jacewicz. Attendance:6,127

Sydney FC: Aubrey Bledsoe, Sofia Huerta, Ally Green, Alanna Kennedy, Elizabeth Ralston, Danielle Colaprico, Teresa Polias, Chloe Logarzo (Amy Harrison 82′), Savannah McCaskill (Angelique Hristodoulou 90+2′), Caitlin Foord, Princess Ibini (Lisa De Vanna 75′)

Perth Glory: Eliza Campbell, Natasha Rigby, Jamie-Lee Gale, Katie Naughton, Kim Carroll, Shannon May (Caitlin Doeglas 67′), Alyssa Mautz, Nikki Stanton, Sam Kerr, Leticia McKenna (Alexia Moreno 75′), Rachel Hill

2020 – Melbourne City FC 1 (Steph Catley 15′) Sydney FC 0

Venue: AAMI Park, Melbourne. Referee: Rebecca Durcau. Attendance: (match played behind closed doors due to COVID-19 restrictions)

Melbourne City FC: Lydia Williams, Lauren Barnes, Emma Checker, Rebekah Stott, Ellie Carpenter, Steph Catley, Aivi Luik, Yukari Kinga (Milica Mijatovic 67′), Emily van Egmond, Claire Emslie, Kyah Simon (Ally Watt 85′).

Sydney FC: Aubrey Bledsoe, Ally Green, Lindsay Agnew, Alanna Kennedy, Ellie Brush, Teresa Polias, Natalie Tobin (Amy Sayer 73′), Taylor Ray (Mackenzie Hawkesby 85′), Remy Siemsen (Princess Ibini 63′), Sofia Huerta, Veronica Latsko.

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Artwork: Graphics by PW.

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