FAW Outline Five Year Women’s & Girls Strategy

Above: The FAW press conference announcing their female football strategy. Photo supplied to Impetus by: Football Association of Wales.

The Football Association of Wales released their women and girls’ strategy for 2021-2026, with a mission to create the best environment, support structures, and opportunities to accelerate the growth of women’s football, to make it reach its full potential.

Titled “Our Wales: For Her, Ein Cymru: Amdani Hi”, the six-year strategy details a vision to inspire confidence in women & girls to be their best self and can be viewed here.  

Ahead of Cymru’s FIFA Women’s World Cup Qualifier against Estonia at Cardiff City Stadium, the FAW shared its specific targets for women and girls’ football in Wales, which are set out to allow the game to grow faster, stronger and have a platform it deserves.

Photo supplied to Impetus by: Football Association for Wales

Last month the FAW released its new vision and strategic plan, ‘Our Wales, Ein Cymru’ which maps out the path ahead for Welsh Football and detailed a clear focus to double the size of the women and girls’ game. 

In recent years, the FAW has witnessed a 50% increase in participation, with now over 10,000 registered female players. Yet the FAW have set an ambitious goal to double that number and have 20,000 women and girls playing football by 2026. By ensuring every girl has the opportunity to be involved in football, the FAW look forward to working with partners across Wales to guarantee the female game has the platform to reach its potential. The FAW’s commitment to doubling the women’s game, not only includes a doubling of participation but a pledge to doubling its fan base and investment to further accelerate the growth of the women and girls’ game.

FAW Head of Women’s and Girls’ Football, Lowri Roberts said: “This is only the first half for our game, and with the increased investment and focus from the FAW, we aim to capitalise on recent growth and momentum. We strive to inspire future generations through our Cymru national team and create opportunities and environments where girls feel truly accepted in a sport that is for all.”

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