The View From France

Jean-Pierre Thiesset summarizes the seventh round of D1 Arkema.

Above: Fleury celebrate. Photo: @FCF91_feminines

Fleury won 1-0 at home against Reims. In a game between two teams who are fighting to get to fourth place. The game was marginally dominated by Reims (58% of possession for Reims), but Fleury were more efficient and could even have scored more goals if Léa Le Garrec was a little bit more successful. With this win, Fleury is now fourth in the standings while Reims stays in the middle at the eighth place. Léa Le Garrec had a very good game, scoring a great goal with a shot just under the crossbar from around 25 meters (57′) and had three other big opportunities to score at the 41st minute (shot from 20 meters deviated from the corner), 50th minute (shot just to the left of the goal), 55th minute (shot stopped by the Reims goalkeeper).

Without another great performance from Katriina Talaslahti, the Fleury goalkeeper, who did not let any ball enter the Fleury goal and allowed her team to make another clean sheet, one goal would not have been enough to win this game. Katriina made five stops (10th minute on a long shot, 28th minute at the feet of Reims striker, 43rd-minute ground stop at her left post, 65th minute on a cross at the first post, 80th minute on another long shot), and three clearances (21st minute with her fists on a corner, 35th minute with her foot on a back pass from one of her teammates, 53rd-minute clearance with her foot just in front of Kessya Bussy ready to score). Goal for Fleury from Léa Le Garrec (57).

Paris FC won away from home 5-0 against Issy. There was no suspense at all in this game as it was fully dominated by Paris FC (73% of possession). Even if we had to wait the 21st minute to see the first goal for Paris FC, with only three shots Issy were never able to bring any danger to the Paris FC goal. Paris FC consolidates its third place in the table only three points adrift of Lyon and Paris St. Germain but with already six points clear of the fourth place. Goals for Paris FC from Julie Soyer (21), Mathilde Bourdieu (32), Ouleymata Sarr (37), Clara Matéo (90), Oriane Jean-François (90+2).

Above: Paris FC had plenty to celebrate during their match with Issy. Photo: @PFC_Feminines

Montpellier won 2-1 away from home against Saint-Etienne. In a strange game which was pretty even in terms of possession and passes as shown by the statistics (For Montpellier, 54% of possession and 301 passes with 71% successful; For Saint-Etienne, 46% of possession and 292 passes with 71% successful), Montpellier shot 20 times (9 on target) while Saint-Etienne shot only four times (two on target). However, as Saint-Etienne scored first in the sixth minute and as Montpellier was not able to put the ball in Saint-Etienne goal despite their great number of shots, we could have thought that Saint-Etienne would win this game. Unfortunately for Saint-Etienne, and hopefully for Montpellier, Sarah Puntigam and Lena Petermann scored both in the last minutes of the game giving the win to their team. There were also two red cards in this game: Kelly Gago, Saint-Etienne (60); Nérilia Mondésir, Montpellier (85). Goal for Saint-Etienne from Esther Okoronkwo (6); Goals for Montpellier from Sarah Puntigam (90), Lena Petermann (90+4).

Bordeaux won 3-0 at home against Guingamp. Another equal match, and even slightly dominated by Guingamp in terms of possession and passes (For Bordeaux, 46% of possession and 370 passes with 73% successful; For Guingamp, 54% of possession and 427 passes with 70% successful), but not in terms of shots (For Bordeaux, 20 shots with eight on target; For Guingamp, five shots with four on target). Bordeaux were more efficient, scoring three times. With a little bit more realism, Claire Lavogez, who still delivered a good performance in this game with one goal (39′) and one decisive pass (13′), could even have scored another goal in first half. Goals for Bordeaux from Maëlle Garbino (13), Claire Lavogez (39), Katja Snoeijs (68).

Above: Action from Montpellier against St. Etienne during week seven. Photo: @D1Arkema

Paris Saint-Germain won away from home 3-0 against Dijon. Paris SG dominated this game but still didn’t scored as many goals as we could expect when we look at the statistics of the game: For Paris SG, 73% of possession, 653 passes with 89% successful, 21 shots with six on target, six corners; For Dijon, 27% of possession, 249 passes with 65% successful, seven shots with one on target, no corner. Sara Däbritz, Paris SG, missed a penalty at the end of the game (90+3). Goals for Paris SG from Kadidiatou Diani (24), Léna Goetsch (58 Over Goal), Marie-Antoinette Katoto (60).

Olympique Lyonnais won 6-1 away from home against Soyaux. Lyon were totally dominant and could have scored a lot more goals if they were more efficient in attack. Statistics of the game: For Lyon, 68% of possession, 506 passes with 84% successful, 20 shots with 10 on target, seven corners; For Dijon, 32% of possession, 253 passes with 62% successful, three shots with two on target, three corners. Selma Bacha, who played on the left of Lyon attack in the first half and as a left back in the second half, delivered another good performance with the following personal statistics (recorded by Jean-Pierre Thiesset during the game): almost 50 balls played, 29 passes with 89% successful, two decisive passes (a cross for Signe Bruun at the 40th minute, a corner for the head of Griedge MBock at the 79th minute), and she was involved in the Janice Cayman goal at the 29th minute with a free-kick at the back post which wasn’t successfully cleared by Soyaux defense. Bacha is always impressive whether she plays in front or behind; not only she is able to adapt herself in these two positions, but she can also do it even in the same game. Very good game also from Catarina Macario in the middle. Goals for Lyon from Catarina Macario (5), Signe Bruun (13, 39), Janice Cayman (28), Melvine Malard (76), Griedge MBock (79). Goal for Soyaux from Corina Luijks (6).

Above: High flying action between Olympique Lyonnais and Soyaux. Photo: @OLfeminin

For the next round of the D1 Arkema championships, Olympique Lyonnais will receive Paris Saint-Germain in its Groupama Stadium for the first big game of the season on November 14, 2021. I will be in the Stadium for Impetus and hope to bring full photographic coverage from pitchside.

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