Lyon Show PSG Who Is The Boss!

Impetus‘ French editor Jean-Pierre Thiesset was pitchside EXCLUSIVELY for us as Olympique Lyonnais recorded a sensational result against their big rivals Paris St. Germain. He also rounds up all the weekend’s other action in the D1 Arkema 15/11/21.

Above: Ada Hegerberg converts Ellie Carpenter’s cross to put Lyon 5-1 up over Paris St. Germain. Photo: Jean-Pierre Thiesset for Impetus.

Olympique Lyonnais recorded a sensational 6-1 win over Paris Saint-Germain, the team who ended their dominant run both in the D1 Arkema and the UEFA Champions League last season.

In a game where Paris SG had only two shots, Lyon set the record straight and never gave any chance to Paris SG to win the game. The statistics show the total domination of Lyon: 59% of possession, 416 passes with 81% successful, 17 shots with 13 on target, 7 corners. For Paris SG, 41% of possession, 309 passes with 72% successful, two shots on target, one corner.

We saw on the field that Lyon’s players wanted to show who was the boss in D1 Arkema this year and that they were back to win everything. All players were fully involved, and it is difficult to identify one player as the standout star of the game.

The return of Selma Bacha on the left-wing of the attack brought more possibilities to the team. Bacha, although she was a little diminished due to her recent quadriceps injury played with heavy strapping and posed a lot of problems to PSG defence during the 58 minutes she was on the field. Bacha delivered two decisive passes in the 18th minute for Daniëlle Van De Donk and the 53rd minute for Melvine Malard.

The performance of Daniëlle Van De Donk who was seen everywhere on the field, also needs to be celebrated. On top of this, she scored in the 18th minute.

This game saw also the return of Ada Hegerberg on the score sheet after almost two years. Entering the pitch at the 74th minute, Hegerberg scored twice, with her left foot at the 79th minute from Ellie Carpenter’s cross from the right side and with a header after 82 minutes from Perle Morroni’s cross from the left side.

Goals for Lyon: Catarina Macario (15′ pen), Daniëlle Van De Donk (18′), Melvine Malard (53′), Damaris Egurrola (59′), Ada Hegerberg (79′, 82′).

Goal for Paris SG: Amanda Ilestedt (75′).

Red card: Ashley Elizabeth Lawrence (26′).

The game in photos from Jean-Pierre Thiesset for Impetus:

Above: Catarina Macario’s penalty puts Lyon 1-0 ahead after 15 minutes. Photo: Jean-Pierre Thiesset
Above: Daniëlle Van De Donk converts Selma Bacha’s cross to make it 2-0. Photo: Jean-Pierre Thiesset.
Above: 30th minute, Sonia Bompastor (Lyon head coach) gives instructions to Daniëlle Van De Donk. Photo: Jean-Pierre Thiersset.
Above: 53rd minute, Melvine Malard makes it 3-0 from on Selma Bacha’s cross. Photo: Jean-Pierre Thiesset
Above: 59th minute, Damaris Egurrola makes it 4-0 from Catarina Macario’s cross. Photo: Jean-Pierre Thiesset.
Above: 75th minute, Amanda Ilestedt gets a goal back for Paris St. Germain from Sara Daebritz’s ball in. Photo: Jean-Pierre Thiesset.
Above: 82nd minute, Ada Hegerberg converts Perle Morroni’s cross to make it 6-1. Photo: Jean-Pierre Thiesset

Elsewhere in Round Eight, Bordeaux won 3-1 away from home against Paris FC. While Paris FC had more ball possession than Bordeaux, 57% against 43%, and better statistics Bordeaux had more shots than Paris FC, 23 shots with nine on target against 11 shots with three on target. Being more efficient when they had the ball, Bordeaux logically won this game closing on the 4th place in the standing and stopping a series of 3 wins in a row of Paris FC.

Goals for Bordeaux from Vanessa Gilles (4), Mélissa Gomes (22), Eve Périsset (90+5). Goal for Paris FC from Clara Matéo (75). Red card: Oriane Jean-François after 2 yellow cards (18 and 51).

Fleury won away from home 4-0 against Saint-Etienne. In a game dominated by Saint-Etienne if we just look at the statistics, Fleury was a lot more efficient when they had the ball. Game statistics: For Fleury, 41% of possession, 337 passes with 70% successful, 11 shots with five on target, three corners; For Saint-Etienne, 59% of possession, 475 passes with 77% successful, 12 shots with three on target, two corners. As a matter of fact, Fleury’s defense stopped most of Saint-Etienne attacks well helped by their goalkeeper, Katriina Talaslahti, who put in yet another good performance and gained once more a clean sheet for Fleury. Talaslahti made three stops from shots on target (9th minute at ground level on a free kick from 25 metres, 45th+2 minute at ground level on a shot near her right post, 74th minute in the air on a shot from 25 metres), one catch on a cross (70th), two clearances on Saint-Etienne shots (47th minute with her fists on a corner, 85th minute with her hands on a close shot from her right). Fleury are now fourth in the table only three points behind third placed Paris FC. Saint-Etienne have lost four games in a row are now one off the bottom with only four points like Issy (10th) and Soyaux (12th).

Goals for Fleury: Maria Diaz (39), Marine Dafeur (45), Nikola Karczewska (57, 90+2).

Montpellier beat Issy 3-0 at home. It was a straightforward win for Montpellier who dominated this game as shown by the statistics: For Montpellier, 64% of possession, 525 passes with 82% successful, 16 shots with eight on target, five corners; For Issy, 36% of possession, 301 passes with 64% successful, 14 shots with seven on target, five corners. With this win, Montpellier stays in the middle of the table and Issy in the bottom. To be noted, the great performance of Mary Fowler who crucified Issy by scoring twice at the 61st minute, two minutes after entering in the game for Ashleigh Weerden, and at the 63rd minute. Goals for Montpellier: Maelys Mpomé (12), Mary Fowler (61, 63).

Guingamp were not able to do better than a draw 2-2 at home against Soyaux, who are bottom of the table. In a game edged by Guingamp (58% of possession), both teams scored alternatively without being able to keep the lead when they had it.

Goals for Guingamp: Maïwen Renard (57), Laurie Teinturier (64); Goals for Soyaux: Marie-Charlotte Léger (37 penalty), Laura Bourgouin (84).

Dijon obtained a draw 1-1 away from home against Reims. In a game just edged by Dijon (58% of possession), both teams had problems creating opportunities and scored only a single goal each. Both teams had the same results on their four last games (Loss, Win, Win, Loss) and continue together.

Goal for Reims: Melchie Dumornay (29); Goal for Dijon: Jenna Dear (43).

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