Impetus Involved With Indigenous Football Week Broadcast

In the fifth and final piece for our charity partners John Moriarty Football’s (JMF) Indigenous Football Week, Impetus founder Ben Gilby hosted a special programme broadcast on SBS Sport and Facebook Live featuring Ros Moriarty, JMF co-founder, co-chair, and co-MD, Tiffany Stanley, Wiradjuri Woman, and Dubbo-based JMF coach, Impetus sponsored Brighouse Town midfielder Leah Embley and Brighouse Town head coach Rob Mitchell 26/11/21.

Artwork: John Moriarty Football.

Above: Ros Moriarty, panellist on the discussion programme. Photo: Storyboard Media, supplied by John Moriarty Football.

The programme, just over half-hour in length discussed Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Gender Equality in Football. Among topics discussed were the huge importance of female role models, how working with players needs to focus on support the ‘whole’ person rather than just the footballer and the lack of female coaches in the women’s game and what can be done to address that problem.

Artwork: John Moriarty Football

The panel went on to highlight the challenges and negativity faces faced by females in football and how the pandemic has failed to treat women’s football the same as the men’s game.

Artwork: John Moriarty Football

The programme can be watched on-demand via our charity partner John Moriarty Football’s Facebook page here:

For information on the panellists:

Above: Brighouse Town head coach Rob Mitchell, a panellist on the programme. Photo: Rob Mitchell.

Ros Moriarty:

Tiffany Stanley:

Leah Embley:

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