Siemsen Seals Sydney Success

Western Sydney Wanderers 0-2 Sydney FC

By Kris Goman (12/12/21)

Above: Two goal Remy Siemsen in celebratory mood. Photo: @SydneyFC

Sydney put on a dominant display against Western Sydney Wanderers in the doubleheader at Commbank Stadium.

Although possession was only marginally in Sydney’s favour, it was what they did when they had the ball that mattered. More completed passes, more interceptions, more shots on goal, more shots on target, and, of course, more goals.

Wanderers looked to be in disarray and without a plan when in possession. They were very reactive rather than proactive and with the exception of a couple of individual runs, couldn’t make much progress against a solid Sydney defence. Wanderers defence didn’t have too many holes but Remy Siemsen’s two goals would not be denied.

Early in the game,  Cortnee Vine took a lovely first touch from a Princess Ibini pass before being tripped by Danica Matos to get a free-kick at the top of the box. Sarah Hunter steps up to take the kick and goes for glory and the diminutive Sarah Langman (nee Willacy) tips it over the top post and saves a certain goal.

Above: Cortnee Vine pictured on a typical rampaging run. Photo: @SydneyFC

A clearance by Matos caused a bit of confusion and Siemsen chases it into the box but Langman is able to smother it. Soon after, Vine sends a ball into the box for Mackenzie Hawkesby and Langman comes out to close the angle, and the shot goes wide.

In the Wanderers’ first real attack, Teigan Collister gets a free run before ending up in a wrestle with Natalie Tobin resulting in a Wanderers free-kick which comes to naught. Bianca Galic takes a worldy shot across goal from outside the box but it goes wide.

Wanderers can’t maintain possession and Ibini sends a ball into the box for Hawksby who shoots. Langman tips it right and Siemsen is there to follow up and taps it in easily and unopposed. It’s a poacher’s goal but no one is complaining. Right place, right time. 1-0 Sydney.

Above: Remy Siemsen (left) and Cortnee Vine celebrate. Photo: @SydneyFC

Another nice run from Vine as she receives the ball from Hunter out on the left-wing and sends it across for Siemsen but Langman gets there first.

Hunter gets a yellow after taking the legs out from Sheridan Gallagher in a run down the middle. Libby Copus-Brown takes the free-kick and sends it to the edge of the six-yard box for Whyman to catch easily.

Vine, out on the left, gets a long ball and Caitlin Cooper clears it spectacularly in the box before Vine can get there.

In injury time, Olivia Price gets the ball at the top of the box but can’t quite control it to shoot accurately and it goes over the crossbar in one of the rare shots on goal for WSW.

As the halftime whistle goes, Gallagher bowls over Hunter and puts her on the floor, getting a yellow for her troubles. I think they are even now.

Above: Sheridan Gallagher who was an eye-catching physical presence for Western Sydney Wanderers throughout. Photo: @wswanderers

Siemsen scores a stunner from the top left corner of the box at three minutes into the second half. Hawkesby gets another assist after a lapse of concentration from the Wanderers lets her get a little pass into Siemsen in the box. Siemsen swivels and shoots. She’s hit it perfectly. Perfect in weight, direction, speed, and spin and it hurtles into the top right of the goal, out of reach of the clutching fingertips of Langman, in probably the best goal I’ve seen Siemsen score. She celebrates and rightfully so. It was a thing of beauty.

Charlotte Mclean sent a ball out of the box straight to Copus-Brown who lobbed to Bryleeh Henry, who came on at halftime, but her header went wide. First good chance for the Wanderers of the half.

Rachel Lowe brought the ball into the box but was surrounded by defenders making it difficult to get off a decent shot. Langman has it all wrapped up.

Paige Satchell takes a thunderous run down the right soon after coming on to replace Vine but both crosses are blocked by the Wanderers

Above: Midfield tussle in the derby. Photo: @SydneyFC

At 85 minutes Seimsen comes off for 15-year-old Mary Stanich-Floody to make her ALW debut.

Ibini crosses into the box and Stanich-Floody follows up but offside is called.

Wanderers get an attacking run up the right in a last-minute attack but it’s foiled in the box. Apostolakis, who is also 15, gets a run on before the final whistle blows.

It’s still early in the season and it shows in both teams. While Siemsen was able to put away two chances, there were a few missed by both teams. Defence looked pretty solid on both sides and Sydney dominated the midfield, Ray, and Hawkesby both having very good games. Ray seems to have stepped up to fill Polias’ shoes quite nicely.

Above: The hugely impressive Taylor Ray (18) tussles with Bianca Galic in the derby. Photo: @SydneyFC

For the Wanderers, Langman also had a quality game and saved quite a few shots that could have made this a much bigger scoreline. Gallagher impressed with her rugged determination and aggression. But their passing game let them down and they need to get in front of their opponent.

Sydney walk away with the three points and the derby bragging rights and arguably the goal of the round.

Ben Gilby sums up the post-game reaction. Sydney FC head coach Ante Juric was delighted with Remy Siemsen if not his team’s overall display:

 “I’m pleased with the three points but not the performance, I don’t think we played well. We missed passes and didn’t really create chances even though we scored two goals and were in the front third.

“Remy scored the two goals so you’ve got to be happy when your striker is scoring goals. She seems very confident coming from the Matildas, and it’s not just her goals, her link-up play is excellent so she is getting better and better.”

Above: Sydney celebrate the win – but coach Ante Juric feels they can still do a lot better. Photo: @SydneyFC

Teams: WESTERN SYDNEY WANDERERS: Langman, Halloway, Hunt, Cooper, Matos, Galic, Copus-Brown, Price, Collister, Habuda, Gallagher. Substitutes: Khamis (GK), Henry, Galea, Steinmetz, Apostolakis.

SYDNEY FC: Whyman, Green, McLean, Tobin, Nash, Ray, Hunter, Hawkesby, Ibini, Siemsen,Vine. Substitutes: Offer (GK), Stanic-Floody, Rule, Satchell, Lowe.

Scorers: Siemsen 18′, 48.

Referee: Lara Lee.

Attendance: 1,992.

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