Impetus Achievers Awards

With three games and late drama, Round Five of the A-League Women had plenty to enjoy. Our writing team covering the competition Ben Gilby, Kris Goman, and Kieran Yap are joined this week by Catherine Paquette to hand out our awards for the week (3/1/22).

Above: Mackenzie Hawkesby – the choice of Ben, Kris, and Kieran as player of the week. Photo: Jason McCawley/Getty Images via Illawarra Mercury.


Ben: Mackenzie Hawkesby – coming back to your hometown and hitting a hat-trick is the stuff of dreams, and it banished the memories of a frustrating Sydney derby for her and her team.

Kris: Mackenzie Hawkesby for the hat trick and continued dominance. The goals weren’t the greatest I’ve ever seen, but in the context of a 5-0 win and playing in your hometown, it tips it over the line. Kudos to Chelsie Dawber for two incredible goals though.

Kieran: Mackenzie Hawkesby. She has been excellent all season but could not find the net in the Sydney derby. Wellington were unlucky to face her next because she was absolutely ruthless and decided the game with a first-half hat-trick.

Catherine: Katrina Gorry for her incredible continuing return to form from maternity.


Above: Sydney FC’s Ante Juric – the choice of two of our four writers this week as Coach of the Week. Photo: Newcastle Herald.

Ben: Garrath McPherson. The first four rounds were beyond frustrating for Brisbane Roar with late goals denying them each time. Yet McPherson kept his team believing and growing when it would have been easy to have confidence issues. Both McPherson and Roar were rewarded for their belief in the most ironic way possible – scoring late goals to turn around a 2-1 deficit into a 4-2 win at Melbourne Victory.

Kris: Ante Juric for the continued success with Sydney FC. Although they took the foot off the pedal in the second half, the first half was exceptional and if not for the heroics of Alfeld, the score would have been much higher. The team is well organized, deep, and making the right decisions. Juric is all over it.

Kieran: Adrian Stenta. Up against a strong Perth side with significant weapons, Stenta backed his team to outscore them, and fans were rewarded with some entertaining football and brilliant goals.

Catherine: Ante Juric for continuing the unbeaten streak.


Above: Brisbane Roar players celebrate with Katrina Gorry (far left) after her goal yesterday. Photo: Brisbane Roar.

Ben: Katrina Gorry’s goal. An absolute rocket from a player that has done it before and will do it again. Add the celebration and the fact that baby Harper was there to see it too and there’s no better moment of the week.

Kris: Katrina Gorry had a great game for Brisbane Roar with an assist and a goal and their first win for the season. Coming back after having a baby, scoring, and particularly the celebration gets the moment of the week.

Kieran: Katrina Gorry’s equalizer, like a good fireworks display, it happens quite often but it’s always pretty spectacular. Her celebration was the icing on the cake.

Catherine: Mackenzie Hawkesby’s hat trick.

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