The View From France

Above: Kadidiatou Diani in action for PSG at Saint-Etienne, where she scored her team’s second goal. Photo: PSG Feminines

Jean-Pierre Thiesset rounds up the twelfth and the thirteenth rounds of D1 Arkema (24/1/22)

Twelfth round (January 15, 2022):

This was a much-truncated round of matches with three games postponed: Guingamp-Bordeaux, Olympique Lyonnais-Soyaux, and Paris Saint-Germain-Dijon.

In the games that did take place, Paris FC won 1-0 at home against Issy. While they largely dominated this game (67% possession, 30 shots with nine on target), Paris FC was not able to score more than once. Goal for Paris FC from Mathilde Bourdieu (15). 

Montpellier won 3-0 at home against Saint-Etienne. Montpellier edged this game (56% possession) but was more efficient than Saint-Etienne. With this win, Montpellier continues their good run and closes the gap with the top of the table slightly. Their next game will be a test against Lyon. Goals for Montpellier from Johanna Elsig (13), Faustine Robert (15, 49). 

Fleury won away from home 1-0 against Reims. In an even game, Fleury scored at the end of the game and is still in the run for third place in the table. Goal for Fleury from Jeannette Grace Ngock Yango (86).

Thirteenth round (January 22 & 23, 2022):

Guingamp won 2-0 away from home against Issy. In an even game regarding ball possession and passes, Guingamp was a lot more efficient with 14 shots with seven on target while Issy had five efforts, none of which were on target. With this win, Guingamp is now in ninth place with four points ahead of Soyaux. Issy stay bottom with only one win and a draw after 13 games. Goals for Guingamp from Sana Daoudi (26), Margaux Le Mouël (74).

Above: Paris FC had plenty to celebrate as they consolidated third place in the table. Photo: D1 Arkema.

Paris FC won 3-1 away from home against Soyaux. Paris FC just about edged the possession (59%) and gave Soyaux very few chances, even if they score once at the 64th minute. With this win, Paris FC consolidate their third place in the standing. But Fleury, which did not play as their game was cancelled due to COVID cases in Dijon is still just behind. Goal for Soyaux from Anissa Lahmari (64). Goals from Paris FC from Clara Matéo (36, 47), Louna Ribadeira (80).

Bordeaux won 3-1 at home against Reims thanks to a hat-trick from Katja Snoeijs. Even if Reims had a clear opportunity at the 21st minute by Naomie Feller on a pass from Kessya Busy and scored first at the 30th minute on a penalty, this game was largely dominated by Bordeaux which did not let Reims put in place their counterattack plays after the 30th minute. Statistics for Bordeaux: 68% possession, 571 passes with 82% successful, 22 shots with six on target, 10 corners.

After another coaching dismissal in Bordeaux, things seem to be back in normal order. Patrice Lair, their coach, departed after the loss against Lyon in France Cup at the beginning of January. But most of Bordeaux players asked the team owner to bring Lair back as their coach and he was back in role for this game. Goal for Reims from Rachel Corboz (30 penalty). Goals for Bordeaux from Katja Snoeijs (33, 50 penalty, 66).

Above: Lyon remain top of the table thanks to a last gasp win at Montpellier. Photo: OL Feminin

Olympique Lyonnais won 3-2 away from home against Montpellier. It was a very difficult game for Lyon in front of a team of Montpellier that played a hard game and did not let Lyon put in place their game by pressing all along the game. Sonia Bompastor, Lyon coach, had to play with two defenders missing (Ellie Carpenter and Perle Morroni) and one not fully fit (Selma Bacha) and started with a 3-4-3 formation.

Twice Lyon was ahead in this game and twice Montpellier came back quickly, and we had to wait the 89th minute of the game to see Griedge MBock scored her second and winning goal for Lyon.  Lyon dominated but was not able to convert this inti goals. Statistics for Lyon: 63% possession, 496 passes with 74% successful, 21 shots with seven on target, six corners.  

To be noted is the good performance of Janice Cayman, even if she conceded a penalty against Marion Torrent at the 44th minute, with the following statistics recorded by Jean-Pierre Thiesset for Impetus during the game: 49 balls played, 30 passes with 90% successful, seven crosses, six recuperations, five losses. Cayman shows that she really deserves her Golden Shoes as the best Belgium player of 2021 year. Goals for Lyon from Griedge MBock (5, 89), Eugénie Le Sommer (42). Goals for Montpellier from Lena Petermann (18, 44 penalty). 

Paris Saint-Germain away from home won 5-0 against Saint-Etienne. It was an easy game for Paris SG which dominated (70% possession, 27 shots with 10 on target). They had too much for Saint-Etienne who was never able to be dangerous.

Marie-Antoinette Katoto scored a hat-trick, increasing her total as the top scorer of D1 Arkema this season to 11 goals; she also delivered a decisive pass to Kadidiatou Diani (45+2). Sandy Baltimore increased also her number of decisive passes (58 for Paulina Dudek, 68 for Marie-Antoinette Katoto) and stays ahead in the standing with nine decisive passes so far this season. Goals for Paris SG from Marie-Antoinette Katoto (10, 64, 68), Kadidiatou Diani (45+2), Paulina Dudek (58).

The scheduled match between Dijon and Fleury was postponed.

Artwork: D1 Arkema.

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