Remy Siemsen: Local Girl Done Good

Above: Sydney FC’s Remy Siemsen has had a lot to celebrate over the past eight months or so. Photo: Sydney FC.

For this week’s #MidweekDub feature, Sydney FC and Australia striker Remy Siemsen spoke to Impetus about her footballing journey and life at the club this season. The interview was carried out just before she set off to play at the Asia Cup for her country (9/2/22).

Northern Beaches native Remy Siemsen has been part of the Sydney women’s footballing landscape since an early age, as she explained.

“I commenced my love of football playing in an all-boys team aged four with the Belrose-Terrey Hills Raiders until I was asked to play representative football with Manly United at age nine in the Girls’ youth league.

“I played for Manly United for 11 years playing in the women’s first-grade team at 16 years old. I made the Australian School Girls team in 2016 but was signed by Sydney FC for my debut W-League season at the same time as representing the Young Matildas in three campaigns.

“I’ve now played six seasons in the A-League and played two seasons overseas in the USA with the Californian Storm when I was aged 18 and 19.”

Siemsen has had another impressive campaign with Sydney FC. She used the lockdown period ahead of this season wisely to develop her fitness and game further.

Above: Remy Siemsen battles against Wellington Phoenix’s Kate Taylor earlier this season. Photo: Matt King/Getty Images via Sydney FC.

“I used my time in the lockdown to focus on working on my fitness, strength, and conditioning running every day. I also worked on technical skills – doing all the extras to prepare physically and mentally for a great start to the season.

I want to improve every day so working on my weaknesses and fine-tuning my strengths – I am very determined and want to see hard work pay off in my performances on and off the pitch.”

Sydney’s offensive group have been in such consistent form once more this season. Siemsen believes that the secret to their success comes from having played together for so long.

“It’s our chemistry and friendship that enables us to intuitively know each other’s game and that manifests on the park. We had the opportunity to play Young Matildas together and have been in out of teams together over the years.

“That familiarity with each other makes for a strong connection and an absolute joy to play with. I know we trust each other and that helps us innately play with confidence.”

The Sydney striker also believes that her time in the national camps towards the end of 2021 had a major influence on her strong start to this A-League Women’s season.

“To play in the national team is such an honour and to be in the best environment to learn from the best has really helped improve my game. It’s that realization that I can contribute, learn and grow as a player in an elite and professional environment that really has boosted my confidence and hopefully my game.

Above: Remy Siemsen in action for Australia at the recent Asia Cup. Photo: Football Australia.

“I have so much to learn but I am a sponge in that environment and I want to soak up as much as I can to grow my game. Tony (Gustavsson) is an incredible coach and I have already learnt so much from him. He is a great communicator and encourager and those qualities really resonate with me as a footballer and get the best out of me.

“He is the ultimate professional, respectful and he is also accessible to the players. He is passionate and wants the very best execution from every player. He genuinely loves this team and I love working with him. I hope to learn and grow more from him and the players.

As a local, Siemsen takes great pride in being able to play for Sydney FC and is buoyed by the ability of those closest to her to be present and part of the matchday experience.

“It is awesome to play in a team in your hometown where family and friends can come and support the team. The players are very close we are all friends and I think that adds to our chemistry on the field.

“Sydney FC is a highly professional environment with coaching staff who want us to succeed and grow as a team and as individuals. I get to play each week with some of my closest friends and to share our love of the game with them is another bonus. I am extremely competitive and I believe Sydney FC has that similar mindset – we want to win every week!”

That mindset has been reflected in a dominant campaign for the club in the A-League Women, with the club scoring more goals than anyone else and breaking the record for the most consecutive clean sheets. Siemsen sees both stats as rewards for hard work pre-season.

“We put the work in before the season and continue to work harder and harder each week. We aren’t afraid to critique our performances and find ways to improve and be better each week. I think it’s the combination of a professional club wanting the best out of dedicated players and a lot of hard work.

“Absolutely we can win the premiership again this season – it is a team goal before pre-season – we are all focussed on taking home that silverware again and we will do everything we can to realize that collective goal.”

Artwork: Graphics by PW.

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