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The weekend’s Round 11 of the Liberty A-League Women was, arguably one of the greatest in the competition’s history. There was the historic first-ever win for Wellington Phoenix and a record defeat for Brisbane Roar. If that wasn’t enough there were 23 goals in five matches. Impetus’ writing team for the competition, Kieran Yap, Kris Goman, and Ben Gilby reveal who caught their eyes this week (14/2/22).


Kieran: Fiona Worts. Kyra Cooney-Cross would have won this any other week with her performance against Western Sydney Wanderers, but Worts scored five goals in a must-win game. 

Kris: It’s Kyra Cooney-Cross. A goal, one actual assist, two non-accredited assists. She produced an incredible performance. Her class stood out like a sore thumb this week.

Above: What a performance. Two of our three writers plumped for Kyra Cooney-Cross ahead of five-goal Fiona Worts as player of the week. Photo: Kris Goman.

Ben: I was badly torn between Fiona Worts and Kyra Cooney-Cross this week. In the end, I went for Cooney-Cross. A sensational individual performance, scoring a goal, and involved in three others. Worts did score five, and in any other week would have taken the honours from me, but such was Adelaide’s team performance, they would have blown Brisbane away regardless of how many Worts scored.


Kieran: Wellington Phoenix’s Gemma Lewis. It was more than just a heart-warming story. Wellington Phoenix defended well, attacked clinically, and ran relentlessly. They were able to make up for the injury to Kate Taylor and extended their lead even without her. This was an absorbing match and a brilliant win by a well-coached side that will likely destroy us all in years to come.

Kris: It has to be Gemma Lewis. For bringing those girls through to their first historic win. For keeping on believing. For actually getting it done and done impressively.

Above: Wellington Phoenix head coach Gemma Lewis captured during a media conference. Photo: Wellington Phoenix.

Ben: Adrian Stenta would have taken the award from me in any other week for the way he set up his team’s relentless ultra-high press to unsettle the Brisbane defence from the off. But, you can’t look beyond Gemma Lewis. At the end of a week when she revealed a number of her players are now so homesick that they are actively counting down the days until they return to New Zealand, for them to produce that performance, and get that result was just sensational. And so deserved.


Kieran: Mie Leth Jans being unaware in her half-time TV interview that Perth was winning at half time on Thursday. It was funny but also typical of a player who seems committed and focussed on the current and next passage of play. Perth could be 1-0 up 1-1 or 3-0 down and she would play with the same commitment and enthusiasm. 

Kris: The disallowed goal at the end of the Newcastle Jets v Sydney FC match. It set the crowd alight. I haven’t rewatched it and because I was photographing and didn’t really see it, so I can’t cast judgment yet, but the crowd thought it was a goal and really wanted to break the clean sheets record Sydney had and grab a point. The officials really copped a booing leaving the field. I love the Newcastle supporters and this moment really brought them alive. As well as all the players. Love a bit of controversy.

Ben: Wellington winning, Adelaide smashing eight goals at Brisbane, Fiona Worts scoring five goals, Kyra Cooney-Cross absolutely bossing it, late drama at Newcastle Jets. Where to begin? What a round! One of the greatest ever so for me, Round 11 was the event. Wow.

Artwork: Graphics by PW.

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