Brisbane Roaring Home As Depleted Jets Crash

Brisbane Roar 4-0 Newcastle Jets

Above: Brisbane Roar’s two-goal Shea Connors takes on Newcastle Jets’ Tiana Jaber. Photo: Brisbane Roar.

By Kris Goman (7/3/22)

Brisbane are coming home strong as they play out their catch-up matches, unfortunately, too late to have any impact on the Finals, but at least restoring some pride to the team.

This was your proverbial match of two halves with Brisbane in control, despite less possession, and seemingly scoring at will in the first half. Newcastle tightened up the defence in the second half as well as stepping up on the attacking. This resulted in a lot of near misses but very little on target.

Brisbane opened their account very early, in just the fourth minute, when Katrina Gorry did what Gorry does best and took a pot shot at goal. She found herself in a bit of space and had a crack from the top of the box. The rocket launched to the left of goal and Claire Coelho had no chance of stopping it. Brisbane take the early lead at 1-0.

Not long after, Shea Connors broke clear and chanced another long shot. This wasn’t as well directed and went out to the left.

Holly Palmer got a similar opportunity shortly after and took quite a considered shot to the top right but Coelho anticipated it beautifully and glided across to capture it.

The continued pressure found the cracks eventually. Gorry set this up with a pass for Mariel Hecher to run onto in the box. She rounded Coelho after drawing her out, headed for the byline, and cut back to Larissa Crummer who had the easy tap in for Roar’s second goal, scored in the 13th minute.

Newcastle instigated a fightback when Sophie Harding took the ball down the right and centred it to Elizabeth Eddy. She turned and flipped it into the right-hand side of the goal but was called offside and the goal was disallowed leaving the score at 2-0.

Once again, Gorry found some space, performed some magic, and passed out to Connors who was unmarked on the left. She got a clear shot as she touched it into the box and Coelho had it covered with a jump but didn’t quite catch the ball and it bounced out of her hands, rolled behind her, and limped into goal as Coelho scampered towards it but not before it crosses the line. At 29 minutes Roar suddenly have a commanding lead of 3-0.

Above: Katrina Gorry (left) of Brisbane Roar takes on Bethany Gordon today. Photo: Brisbane Roar.

Gorry tried another long-range shot that was caught safely by Coelho. Then it feels like the floodgates opened as Gorry started off another movement that ended in a goal when she sent the perfect pass through to Connors. Coelho came out again and was rounded again. Tiana Jaber got back to defend the goal but she was easily sidestepped too and the ball went past and into the right side of goal. We’re at 4-0 to Brisbane with just over five minutes left in the half.

Bethany Gordon tried to retaliate with a long shot but it flew just a little high and over the crossbar. The shots are 11-2 to Brisbane despite the Jets having slightly more possession.

Coming back from halftime, Brisbane are straight back onto the attack. A Gorry corner gets cleared by the Jets and Lauren Allen, who’s just come on to replace Lucy Johnson, took a little breakaway run up the field. The defence recovered to swamp her and it went nowhere.

Connors was found offside three times in front of a virtually open goal each time. Some poorly timed runs which probably cost some extra goals.

The rest of the second half is marked by the Jets stepping up the attack but just being off-target constantly. At half time the shots are 11-2 in favour of Brisbane but on target shots are 8-0, By full time the shots are equal at 14 all but on-target shots are 9-1 in favour of Brisbane. Never has the much-used term, “Need to be more clinical in front of goal” been more apt.

Harding was in the clear and got a shot from the top of the box but sent it just over the crossbar.

A bad clearance by Isabella Shuttleworth went straight to Eddy who was also in open space but she was closed down quite quickly by the defence and her shot sailed over the crossbar.

Hannah Brewer took a long shot that was cleared by Hecher on the edge of the goal. Harding later found Kirsty Fenton and her shot is just high again. Gooch tried a very ambitious shot from 30 meters out that’s easily gathered by Shuttleworth.

Above: Brisbane Roar’s Jamilla Rankin is held off. Photo: Brisbane Roar.

Jaber sent a lovely cross over to Eddy but her header isn’t quite directed to the right spot and goes just wide of the goal.

A Fenton header from an Eddy corner went close to goal but once more, it’s just to the right and does not require a save from Shuttleworth who’s had a light shift today.

A Harding cross went begging as it flew past the far post. She was involved again with a shot from the left that required a dive from Shuttleworth but she’s wrapped it all up safely and the Jets can’t crack the defence.

In the final play of the match, Gooch skips through the midfield and executes a nice pass to Allen who entangles with Shuttleworth and got a shot away but it’s also wide.

In the post-match interview, Gorry mentions that she’s proud of the girls and that it was so good to get some wins on the board. The season is not too long and they got there in the end and will come back bigger and stronger.

Cass Davis said that Newcastle had been struggling with numbers and it was a disappointing way to end the season. It was tough on the girls with so many injured.

Connors was awarded player of the match.  She said they wanted to make the most of the match and the last game. It means everything to them and Queensland has had it rough and they wanted to bring some joy to QLD and northern NSW post the floods.

Garrath McPherson said the win was down to the adaptability of the team. Their mindset and positivity. What’s changed is a real attitude of the players to work for each other. Together is better. They are trying to help others on the field and wanted to see Mini off with a big win.

Brisbane play Canberra in their final match of the season at 7.05 on Thursday night. The finals have been decided and Sydney will play Melbourne City and Adelaide will be playing Melbourne Victory over the weekend.

Teams: BRISBANE ROAR: Shuttleworth, Margraf, Rasschaert, Rankin, Norrie, Hecher, Crummer, Gorry, Connors, Haffenden, Palmer. Substitutes: Symes, Stamatopoulos, Kitano, McDougall, McElligott

Scorers: Gorry 4′, Crummer 13′, Connors 29′, 38’.

NEWCASTLE JETS: Coelho, Jaber, Davis, Brewer, Fenton, Morley, Gordon, Johnson, Brodigan, Harding, Eddy. Substitutes: Magus (GK), Allan, Gooch.

Referee: Caitlin Williams

Attendance: 1,000.

Artwork: Graphics by PW.

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