Impetus Achievers Awards

With the final full round of matches for the regular season, our A-League Women writing team of Kieran Yap, Ben Gilby, and Kris Goman outline their player, coach, and event of the week (7/3/22).


Kieran: For me, it’s Rhianna Pollicina. She’s been one of the league’s best players all season and when City absolutely had to win, she was dominant. They fell short of top spot, but Pollicina is surely one of the signings of the season and this game was a perfect example of why.

Ben: It had been an incredibly difficult period for Brisbane Roar – with the Queensland floods impacting players and staff greatly in all sorts of different ways. Larissa Crummer‘s hat-trick was the catalyst for their win over Newcastle Jets on Friday. That they overcame all these challenges to achieve this needs to be recognized.

Above: Melbourne City’s Rihanna Pollicina (left) – Kieran Yap’s choice as Player of the Week. Photo: Melbourne City.

Kris: It is tempting to go for Paige Satchell for her Premiers Plate-winning goal and some other great attempts, but Annalee Grove made some extraordinary saves and really minimized the scoreline against Sydney.


Kieran: Garrath McPherson. Brisbane have basically been unable to train properly due to the floods and one player lost their house in the disaster. It was a miracle they were even able to play. A win would have been great. A 5-1 win was amazing given the circumstances. It’s a team that clearly is there for each other despite a tough year. 

Ben: Ante Juric. Sydney FC had to travel to the competition’s most in-form side needing a win to take a second straight Premier’s Plate. They were successful, as they have been for much of this season.

Above: Sydney FC head coach Ante Juric – Kris and Ben’s choice for Coach of the Week. Photo: Kris Goman.

Kris: Ante Juric. He’s played the long game with Sydney and come up trumps. The team has been well drilled, disciplined, agile, and just always seems to know what they are doing. Juric has their respect and has adapted over the season to get the premiership. He gets the nod this week.


Kieran: Hollie Palmer’s amazing goal being dedicated to her recently passed grandfather.

Ben: Sydney FC’s celebrations after defeating Adelaide United 1-0 at Coopers Stadium to lift the Premier’s Plate again.

Kris: Obviously can’t go past Sydney winning the premiership this week. And I do love some crazy champagne in the dressing room scenes.

We’re now tallying up all the votes over the season. On Friday we’ll be announcing our A-League Women Player and Coach of the Season based on all the weekly votes.

During the Finals, we’ll be naming a Player of the Week.

Artwork: Graphics by PW.

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