The View From France

Above: Fleury goalkeeper Katriina Talaslahti makes the decisive save in her team’s penalty shoot win over Paris FC. Photo: Anne Talaslahti.

Jean-Pierre Thiesset summarizes the France Cup 2022 Quarter-Finals (8/3/22).

Paris Saint-Germain won 3-1 at Montpellier. Paris SG made a serious game and passed this round easily. No surprise, and the best team won. Goals for Paris SG from Kheira Hamraoui (35), Grace Geyoro (51), Marie-Antoinette Katoto (63). Goal for Montpellier from Maëlle Lakrar (72).

Fleury needed a penalty shoot-out to overcome Paris FC after a 1-1 draw. Even if Paris FC scored first in the 20th minute, Fleury never stopped thinking that they could change the course of the game and equalized at the 59th minute. Katriina Talaslahti needs priase for her performance after a return from injury (cut on the right index finger), as she saved Paris FC’s final penalty to seal the win for her team. Goal for Paris FC from Gaëtane Thiney (20). Goal for Fleury from Ewelina Kamczyk (59).

Penalty Shoot-Out: Fleury: Dominika Grabowska – Goal (0-1), Paris FC: Gaëtane Thiney – Goal (1-1), Fleury: Marine Dafeur – Goal (1-2), Paris FC: Julie Soyer – Missed (1-2) Fleury: Ewelina Kamczyk – Goal (1-3), Paris FC: Théa Greboval – Goal (2-3), Fleury: Julie Piga – Missed (2-3), Paris FC: Mathilde Bourdieu – Goal (3-3), Fleury: Jeannette Grace Ngock Yango – Goal (3-4), Paris FC: Daphne Marie Corboz – Saved by Katriina Talaslahti (3-4).

FFYAA (Football Féminin Yzeure Allier Auvergne) won 1-0 at Rodez AFF (Rodez Aveyron Football Féminine). This game between two teams from the France D2 (second division) saw the team fourth in D2 Group B standing win against the team first in the standing with only one goal scored in the first quarter of the game. Even playing at 10 against eleven during the last 30 minutes, Yzeure kept the score to 1-0 up to the end of the game. Goal for Yzeure from Seynabou Mbengue (12). Red card for Yzeure Mafille Woedikou (64).

Second Division Nantes defeated D1 Arkema side Reims on penalties after a 0-0 draw away to the higher division side. Even with 8 minutes of stoppage time at the end of the second half, none of both teams scored a single goal. The team first in the D2 Group A standing eliminated the team seventh in D1 Arkema. Penalties shoot-out: Nantes: Océane Ringenbach – Missed (0-0) Reims: Julie Pasquereau – Missed (0-0) Nantes: Pauline Dhaeyer – Goal (0-1) Reims: Océane Deslandes – Missed (0-1) Nantes: Margaux Bueno – Goal (0-2) Reims: Chloé Philippe – Missed (0-2) Nantes: Thelma Eninger – Goal (0-3)

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