Holly Caspers Reviews Her Season At Canberra

Above: Canberra United’s Holly Caspers (left) in action against Melbourne City at Viking Park. Photo: Canberra United.

Impetus’ Ben Gilby heard Canberra United’s Holly Caspers review her first season in the A-League Women with the club, and how her team’s long search for a win has helped to develop her resilience (8/3/22).

Canberra United’s 22-year-old forward Holly Caspers is about to complete her first season in the national capital.

Coming to the club in pre-season after a successful NPL campaign with Sydney University, Caspers has been up close and personal with two of the competition’s most experienced strikers in Ash Sykes and Michelle Heyman. It’s safe to say she has learned a lot.

“It’s amazing playing with Ash and Michelle. They all have different qualifies. Ash’s ability to get in behind is incredible. Michelle’s touch and vision on the ball is insane. Learning off of them and Allira (Toby) has been amazing.”

Another major area of learning for Caspers came with having to ride the storm of Canberra’s long wait for their first win this season. Whilst it was not an enjoyable experience, it was one that the striker feels will stand her in good stead in the future.

“Not getting a win for a long time was really disheartening. It’s not something I’ve been used to. At Sydney Uni in the NPL, we had a strong team and won a lot. That losing streak was different and it tested resilience.

“The team came together well to fight. You have to rely on the experienced players to drive the team in that situation. Michelle, Grace (Maher), and Laura Hughes have really driven us this campaign. Now finishing the campaign strong has been positive now. It’s important to finish on a high point.”

Canberra’s clash with Brisbane is long-delayed after being postponed due to the recent horrendous weather conditions in Queensland. Caspers has fond memories from the previous time the teams played just before Christmas.

“When we last played Brisbane, it was a tough game, being 3-1 down in the last 10 minutes before getting a draw (Caspers’ stoppage-time goal made it 3-3). It will be interesting to see how better we are now and how we do.”

The striker reflected how quickly the season has passed and what she wants to take out of the last four months.

“Honestly, the time has flown by. Time flies when you are having fun. Pre-season lasted for ever, but now the last game against Brisbane on Thursday has come round so quick. I’ve really enjoyed it.

“My soccer has really improved. It has been a new experience moving down to Canberra. I especially enjoyed that game at Melbourne Victory last week, getting a draw, playing at AAMI Park was amazing and I played my socks off!”

“I want to play A-League Women again and I’ve found what happens when I push myself. When you are the most experienced player in the room you never learn anything, so I’ve learned a lot from Michelle and Ash that I can take back to Sydney Uni in the NPL now.”

Artwork: Graphics by PW.

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