The View From France

Jean-Pierre Thiesset summarizes the 17th round of D1 Arkema (22/2/33).

Paris Saint-Germain won 2-0 at home against Soyaux. It was a straightforward win for PSG against the team placed 11th in the table. The hosts dominated the game with 72% possession and took the lead after 13 minutes. They were unable to increase their lead until the 84th minute. Goals for Paris SG from Sakina Karchaoui (13), Aminata Diallo (84).

Olympique Lyonnais won 3-0 away from home against Dijon. Lyon controlled the game with 67% possession, 31 shots on goal with 11 on target) while Dijon had no shots at all. Even though they played better than last week, there is still a lack of efficiency in front of goal by Lyon. Hopefully, the return of Catarina Macario and Delphine Cascarino to the squad will allow Lyon to quickly improve. Nine minutes into the game, after having winning the ball back in the midfield, Delphine Cascarino delivered a perfect cross for Catarina Macario to score.

Macario scored her and Lyon’s second goal after 35 minutes by a curling right-foot shot from 20 meters which found the right upper corner of the goal. Delphine Cascarino sent another perfect cross on the head of Melvine Malard for the third goal. Selma Bacha produced yet another good performance prior to being injured after 70 minutes. As yet, we do not know yet the severity of her injury. Lyon welcomed back Sara Björk Gunnersdottir four months after having her baby; she played the whole second half. Goals for Lyon from Catarina Macario (9, 35), Melvine Malard (62).

Paris FC away from home won 2-1 against Reims after a hugely controversial ending. In a game dominated by Paris FC with 61% possession, Reims relied on the counterattack. This was reasonably successful as the score was still 1-1 four minutes into stoppage time at the end of 90 minutes. Reims had opened the scoring at the 62nd minute and they would have deserved a draw as they fought as a team during the whole game. Then arrived the fifth minute of stoppage time.

From Paris FC’s attack, a shot went out just on the right of the goal and the referee inaccurately gave a corner to Paris FC, who scored. The ball did not hit a Reims player before it went out of the field and there should not have been a corner awarded. To make matters worse, the corner was taken from the left instead of the right side as stipulated in the rules (a corner must be shot from the corner the closest to where the ball went out of the field). Reims complained and asked for the corner to be taken again and from the right corner, but the referee validated the goal. Reims’ captain wrote immediately a technical communication and the FFF (French Football Federation) commission should look at this during the week which may result in the game being replayed. Goals for Paris FC from Mathilde Bourdieu (67), Ouleymata Sarr (90+5). Goal for Reims from Kethna Louis (62). Red card for Sonia Ouchène (90+6) Reims.  

Above: Fleury celebrate in their game against Bordeaux. Photo: D1 Arkema.

Fleury won 2-0 at home against Bordeaux. In this even game, Fleury again showed a great team spirit. The whole team fought very hard to obtain this win and clean sheet. Katriina Talaslahti, Fleury’s goalkeeper, contributed largely to this new clean sheet, producing a good performance with more than 10 saves, clearances, or catches. To be noted also the great performance of Fleury’s young player Rosemonde Kouassi (just 20 years old) from the Ivory Coast who scored once and made a decisive pass to Léa Le Garrec after a run of more than 60 meters. Goals for Fleury from Rosemonde Kouassi (8), Léa Le Garrec (75).

Montpellier won 6-0 at home against Guingamp. If we look just at the statistics, this game was equal (48% possession for Montpellier) but Montpellier was far more efficient than Guingamp and scored six times. Goals for Montpellier from Faustine Robert (3, 60), Nérilia Mondésir (10, 41), Lena Petermann (28), Esther Mbakem-Niaro (88).

Issy won 4-1 at home against Saint-Etienne. In a strange game dominated by Saint-Etienne with 63% possession, Issy scored four times from their five shots on target while Saint-Etienne scored only once with 7 shots on target! Goals for Issy from Julie Rabanne (34), Roselord Borgella (46, 75), Batcheba Louis (77). Goal for Saint-Etienne from Esther Okoronkwo (13).

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