The View From France

Jean-Pierre Thiesset summarizes the 21st round of D1 Arkema (31/5/22).

Above: Olympique Lyonnais celebrate their D1 title after beating rivals Paris St. Germain. Photo: OL Feminin.

Olympique Lyonnais sealed their 15th D1 Arkema title after defeating closest rivals Paris St. Germain 1-0 in the capital. Whilst PSG had more possession (59%), Lyon were very strong in midfield and defense which meant that despite creating opportunities, the home side were not able to score. The deciding goal came early for Lyon. With three minutes played, Selma Bacha fed Catarina Macario who netted. It was another impressive display from Bacha, who was outstanding in the recent UEFA Champions League (UWCL) Final against Barcelona. The same player also topped the assist charts for the UWCL with nine. Lyon’s victory in Paris sent them eight points clear, confirming the D1 title ahead of Paris SG. Lyon are able to boast the league’s best attack with 75 goals scored and best defense with only eight goals conceded from their 20 wins and one draw in 21 matches. Goal for Lyon from: Catarina Macario (3).

Paris FC won 4-1 away from home against Bordeaux. This game was slightly dominated by Paris FC (55% possession). Even if Bordeaux scored first at the 20th minute, they were never really in a position to win this game. Goals for Paris FC from: Gaëtane Thiney (35 penalty, 43), Ouleymata Sarr (45+1, 82). Goal for Bordeaux: Melissa Herrera (20). Red card for Taimara de Souza da Silva (85) for a second yellow.

Soyaux won 2-0 at home against Guingamp. In a game dominated by Guingamp (61% possession), Soyaux was more efficient and scored twice with the same number of shots on target (three). With this win, Soyaux can still hope to stay in D1 Arkema next year specially as fellow relegation battlers Issy will play in Lyon for their last game and Soyaux face Saint-Etienne. Goals for Soyaux from: Camille Colin (66), Fadimatou Aretouyap Kome (74).

Above: Montpellier players celebrate their 5-2 win at Issy. Photo: Montpellier HSC.

Reims gained a point from their trip to Dijon which ended in a 2-2 draw. In a game dominated by Reims (57% possession), Dijon twice led, but Reims responded both times. Goals for Reims from: Kethna Louis (44), Melchie Daëlle Dumornay (72). Goals for Dijon from: Léa Declercq (2, 49).

Montpellier won 5-2 away from home against Issy. With this loss, Issy remain on 13 points along with Soyaux but as they will play Lyon for the last game, they will probably be in trouble. Goals for Montpellier from: Nérilia Mondésir (7, 63), Cyrielle Blanc (12), Lena Petermann (38), Mary Fowler (90+1). Goals for Issy from: Adélie Fourré (27), Batcheba Louis (66).

Fleury won 4-2 at home against Saint-Etienne. Despite Saint-Etienne leading 2-0 after 20 minutes, it was always felt that Fleury would come back to win. Nikola Karczewska hit a hat-trick as the hosts settled matters in the final four minutes. Goals for Fleury from: Nikola Karczewska (47 penalty, 60, 86), Julie Piga (89). Goals for Saint-Etienne from: Juliette Vidal (9), Kelly Gago (23).

Above: Olympique Lyonnais fans send a message of support to Ellie Carpenter, who injured her ACL in the Champions League win over Barcelona. Photo: Damien LG/OL Feminin.
Table From: D1 Arkema.

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