The View From France

Jean-Pierre Thiesset summarizes the sixth round of the 2022-2023 D1 Arkema season and provides EXCLUSIVE photography from Olympique Lyonnais’ game with Fleury (1/11/22).

Above: An aerial challenge as Olympique Lyonnais host Fleury. Photo: Jean-Pierre Thiesset for Impetus.

Paris FC won away from home 3-1 against Montpellier. This game between Paris FC in third and Montpellier (fourth) promised a good match, but Montpellier had the first 30 minutes before they let Paris FC score twice. Montpellier tried to push harder at the beginning of the second half and got a goal back after 72 minutes, but were not able to do better despite their opening and the very good performance of Inès Belloumou for the second half. Red cards (90+1) for second yellow card: Marion Torrent, Montpellier, and Eseosa Aigbogun, Paris FC. Goals for Paris FC from Mathilde Bourdieu (30), Ouleymata Sarr (43), Théa Gréboval (82). Goal for Montpellier from Océane Deslandes (72 penalty).

Above: Mathilde Bourdieu, Paris FC’s opening goalscorer. Photo: Paris FC.

Dijon at home won 1-0 against Soyaux. Dijon stopped their series of two losses while Soyaux lost their second game in a row. Goal for Dijon from Roselord Borgella (78).

Bordeaux won at home 3-1 against Guingamp. Guingamp lost their sixth game and stay bottom without a point. It seems that it will be a very long and difficult season for them. Bordeaux stay in midtable. Goals for Bordeaux from Mickaëlla Cardia (6), Maëlle Garbino (17, 34). Goal for Guingamp from Héloïse Mansuy (15).

Above: Laura Rueda, who scored both of Le Havre’s goals in their win over Rodez. Photo: Le Havre web site.

Le Havre won 2-1 at home against Rodez. This game between the two teams promoted this season into D1 Arkema saw Le Havre continue to surprise everyone with another win. Le Havre now have 10 points and are only four points adrift of Paris FC in the final Champions League qualification spot. Silke Demeyere, Le Havre came onto the field at the 65th minute and got two yellow cards in a 10-minute spell leaving her teammates at ten players. Still Rodez continued to struggle with only one win in six games; another team for which it will difficult all season. Red card after second yellow card: Silke Demeyere, Le Havre (75). Goals for Le Havre from Laura Rueda (12, 61). Goal for Rodez from Alexandria Lamontagne (86).

Above: Kheira Hamraoui in action in Reims on her return to the Paris St. Germain squad after five months out this weekend. Photo: LPestel/PSG.

Paris Saint-Germain won 2-0 away from home against Reims. Reims counted once more on their young players, who have scored 21 goals since they came back to D1 Arkema in 2019, but it was too difficult against a more mature Paris SG team, even if Paris SG players were not efficient enough to score more. Praise must go to Emily Alvarado, Reims goalkeeper who prevented PSG from scoring more goals on several opportunities, particularly in the 16th, 38th, and 52nd minutes.

Above: Emily Alvarado, Reims goalkeeper. Photo: Reims.

Reims could have scored thanks to Kessya Busy’s effort at the 52nd minute with a shot from 20 meters that finished on the crossbar and by Kethna Louis with a shot from almost 30 meters that finished also on the crossbar. Goals for Paris SG from Kadidiatou Diani (42, 47).

Olympique Lyonnais won 1-0 at home against Fleury. After the traumatic Champions League game against Arsenal which ended in a 5-1 defeat at home and the not-so-good draw 1-1 against Juventus, Lyon needed to show a more successful performance. In fact, it was a very long and difficult game for Lyon who found it challenging to transform their opportunities (25 shots) into goals due to a huge lack of efficiency. They had to wait until the end of the game to see Lindsey Horan provide a wonderful ball above Fleury’s defence for Wendie Renard to score.

Above: Wendie Renard celebrates after scoring Lyon’s winner against Fleury. Photo: Jean-Pierre Thiesset for Impetus.

To be noted: a good performance of Marie Levasseur, international with Canada squad and Fleury defender. It was also the first game with Lyon for Vanessa Gilles, international for Canada squad too. A draw would have been fairer for Fleury. I had the opportunity to speak to several Fleury players at the end of the game and they were disappointed with this result especially since they played with only 10 players for more than an hour after Rosemonde Kouassi got her red card for a second yellow card at the 25th minute. Goal for Lyon from Wendie Renard (90+2).

Above: A battle for possession as Lyon (white) host Fleury. Photo: Jean-Pierre Thiesset for Impetus.

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