Adelaide United: Wanting To Do Better And Better

by Johnathan Stack (18/11/22).

Above: Adelaide United head coach Adrian Stenta speaking to the media today. Photo provided to Impetus by: Adelaide United.

Adelaide United are focussed on going even further into Finals football this season beginning with a home game with many people’s favourites Sydney FC this weekend.

As they faced the media today, head coach Adrian Stenta and captain Isabel Hodgson outlined their aims for the clash against the Harbour City side and why they are so positive about their prospects over the coming months,

Stenta emphasised the clarity that is present in his team’s preparations: “I think we’re really clear about the way we want to play, I think we’re really clear about the opposition we’re coming up against, and the quality that they’ll bring. But even though it’s been a long off-season, it’s been quite a short pre-season in terms of the time afforded to us to work with all our players and get them all on the same page.

“I think every team is in the same boat, (but) we’re really lucky that we’re still able to lean on a core group of players that have been here consistently in my time here at the club. We’re going to ask them to stand up and lead the way again and we think that the players that we have brought in offer a lot of quality as well. I’m really happy with the way the squad’s come together and how our preparations have come together for Round One.”

Above: Isabel Hodgson is aware that many people have major expectations for Adelaide Unitedmthis season, and she is hungry for success. Photo provided to Impetus by: Adelaide United.

Skipper Hodgson spoke about how the club’s successes over the past two years have brought about a shift in people’s perceptions of Adelaide United saying:

“We’re not just the underdogs that could maybe upset teams. We’re kind of (one of) the teams that are meant to win, so there’s a bit of a mindset change.”

Isabel Hodgson, Adelaide United captain.

“All of the girls want to win every game; you can see that training even just in rondos people are yelling at each other because they don’t want to be the last in (the middle). That competitive nature is there and that mindset of winning every challenge is definitely there.

“I think that’s been our mentality for the last couple of years. (It) obviously paid off last year with the finals, but like (Adrian Stenta) mentioned, we kind of finished last year with a bit of a bitter-sweet feeling. We’re happy we made Finals, but that wasn’t enough for us. That’s what we’re looking for this year, to keep doing better and better.”

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