World Cup Training Bases Revealed

Ben Carey was at the Queensland Sports and Athletics Centre to hear the venue revealed as the Matildas World Cup training base. Plus all the news of the other qualifiers bases (12/12/22).

Above: The Queensland Sports and Athletics Centre – Australia’s training base for the World Cup. Photo: Ben Carey for Impetus.

The Matildas will call Brisbane home during the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, setting up camp at the Queensland Sports and Athletics Centre (QSAC) in the Brisbane suburb of Nathan. The news was announced this morning by James Johnson, the CEO of Football Australia.

Johnson said that Australian football was in its “golden era”. He was delighted that Australia had come together to watch the Socceroos in Qatar and hoped to see that support continue into the Women’s World Cup next year. “The Women’s World Cup will be the biggest sporting event that our nation has hosted since the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.”

The media event was attended by veteran Matildas and proud Queenslanders, Clare Polkinghorne and Tameka Yallop. When they entered the building, they made their way past many excited young girls and boys in local club jerseys who were chatting and kicking around soccer balls. The next generation of Australian footballers perhaps.

Above: Today’s media announcement of Australia’s training base for the World Cup – From left to right, James Johnson, Graeme Clark, Stirling Hinchcliff, Ann Odong, Clare Polkinghorne, and Tameka Yallop. Photo: Ben Carey for Impetus.

“I’m really excited to call Brisbane home,” Polkinghorne said. “In previous World Cups we’ve been to, we’ve travelled around a lot. So as players it’s nice to have a place that we can call home, come back to after every game, and feel settled.”

“To come back to Brisbane, a place where I grew up, [played] a lot of my youth football at, with QAS, and right here is close to me,” Yallop said. “It’s close to a lot of the Matildas.”

Queensland is indeed a place that is dear to much of the team. In the past year, 16 of the 40 players that have attended Matildas training camps were either born, raised, or played their junior football in Queensland.

“This is different for a World Cup,” Yallop continued. “We haven’t had a basecamp before. So, I think it’s really important to be somewhere that people are really comfortable in, and Brisbane is definitely that place for us.”

Matildas head coach, Tony Gustavsson, commented on the decision to base the Matildas in Brisbane. “With a high-level gym, on-pitch training facilities, and excellent recovery solutions off the pitch, QSAC provides an optimum performance environment for our FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 preparations prior to and during the tournament.”

Other Nations Training Bases:

Above: Central Coast Stadium, England’s training base for the World Cup. Photo: Austadiums.

Also revealed today were all the training centres for the qualified nations so far:

New Zealand: Auckland, Norway: Auckland, Philippines: Auckland, Switzerland: Dunedin, Spain: Palmerston North, Costa Rica: Christchurch, Zambia: Hamilton, Japan Christchurch, USA: Auckland, Vietnam: Auckland, Netherlands: Tauranga, Sweden: Wellington, South Africa: Wellington, Italy: Auckland, Argentina: Auckland, Australia Queensland Sports & Athletics Centre (Brisbane), Republic of Ireland: Goodwin Park (Brisbane), Nigeria: Lions FC (Brisbane), Canada: Olympic Park (Melbourne), England: Central Coast Stadium (Gosford), Denmark: Kingsway Reserve (Perth), China: Croatian Sports Centre (Adelaide), France: Valentine Sports Park (Sydney), Jamaica: Victorian State Football Centre (Melbourne), Brazil: Moreton Bay Sports Complex (Queensland), Germany: Central Coast Sport & Recreational Complex, Morocco: Galvin Park Reserve (Melbourne), Colombia: Marconi Stadium (Sydney), South Korea: Campbelltown Sports Stadium (Sydney).

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