A-League Women Weekly Awards

Each week during the home and away season, Impetus’ writing and photography team covering the A-League Women will nominate a player, coach, and event of the week. We’ll keep a tally of the player and coach votes as the weeks go by, and just before the Finals, will announce our winners for 2022/23 (2/1/23)

Player of the Week:

Above: Casey Dumont – the undisputed choice of our contributors as the A-League Women’s player of the week. Photo: Melbourne Victory.

BEN GILBY: Casey Dumont. An absolute supershow from the Melbourne Victory goalkeeper. With potentially the third goalkeeping spot up for grabs in the Matildas World Cup squad, Dumont’s display should be alerting Tony Gustavsson and his coaching team.

KIERAN YAP: Casey Dumont. Canberra United are a relentless attacking team this season. Victory’s win was due largely to a series of one-on-one saves by the star goalkeeper.  It’s hard to think of a better individual performance this season.

RYAN MILLER-WOODS: Casey Dumont of Melbourne Victory. The way that she played against Canberra really proved beneficial for Victory in the final result. Whenever required in the match, she ensured that no matter how many times Canberra tried to score, she was able to successfully deny them. 

BEN CAREY: Casey Dumont. She made seven saves against a very aggressive Canberra and kept her third clean sheet of the season, which is the most in the league.

Coach of the Week:

Above: Newcastle Jets head coach Ash Wilson was the choice of both Bens as their coach of the week. Photo: Newcastle Jets.

BEN GILBY: Ash Wilson. Newcastle Jets have been hugely enjoyable to watch this season. They’ve scored a lot of goals and conceded even more. However, their win over a strong Adelaide United team, who appear Finals bound at Number Two Sportsground was magnificent. The task for Wilson now is to ensure her talented side build on this win. There have been too many false dawns in recent years.

KIERAN YAP: Mark Torcaso. Western United are not riding momentum, they are not just in good form. This is a well-prepared, well-organised side that are all on the same page. Five wins in a row with a tough travel schedule is no fluke. This was one of their best. Even through the chaos of the game against Perth, they stayed in control of their own game plan, 

RYAN MILLER-WOODS: Mark Torcaso of Western United. There really aren’t many better combinations at the moment than Mark Torcaso and Western United. Their performance against Perth Glory to come from behind to get their fifth straight win to remain undefeated in their inaugural season was seriously impressive. He truly has them playing in such a way that even when behind in a match, they are still able to find a way to keep in the fight no matter what.

BEN CAREY: Ash Wilson. Leading Newcastle Jets to a convincing win against Adelaide United was an impressive achievement.

Event of the Week:

Above: Casey Dumont saving from Nikki Flannery was a key factor in two of our contributors choosing the Melbourne Victory v Canberra United game as their Event of the Week. Photo: Melbourne Victory.

BEN GILBY: Perth Glory v Western United. An absolute cracker as the first game of 2023. Whilst as a fanatical Perth fan, losing a 2-1 lead hurt, it can’t be denied that this was a fantastic game of football. Western United are a heck of a team. The fact that they’ve won every match they have played in their inaugural season despite only having played one game at home all season so far is scary in terms of what potentially they can achieve.

KIERAN YAP: Can I mention Casey Dumont again? Her close-range save at the feet of Nikki Flannery was brilliant and crucial. It looked like a certain goal. 

RYAN MILLER-WOODS: Brianna Edwards‘s crucial save to deny Bethany Gordon in the final minutes of Wellington Phoenix against Western Sydney Wanderers. The reaction was really something else and proved to be an incredibly crucial save for Wellington to ensure they gained their first point of this season.

BEN CAREY: Melbourne Victory v Canberra United. What an exciting match full of amazing individual performances, attempts on goals, and fantastic saves from both keepers.

Graphic by: Charlotte Stacey, founder of On Her Side.

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