Ellie Carpenter EXCLUSIVE!

Impetus Jean-Pierre Thiesset, who holds accreditation with European Champions Olympique Lyonnais for us and produces our weekly round-up of French women’s football action, was present at the club’s training session today and brings exciting news and photos on Australian international Ellie Carpenter‘s recovery from an ACL injury (25/1/23).

Jean-Pierre Thiesset was at the Groupama Training Centre for Impetus today and captured a photo gallery as Ellie Carpenter stepped up training. Carpenter, who suffered an ACL injury in the 2022 Champions League Final for Olympique Lyonnais against Barcelona, told him she “may” play some part in Lyon’s French Cup game against Montpellier on Saturday.

Further photos from Ellie Carpenter in training today from Jean-Pierre Thiesset for Impetus:

Jean-Pierre Thiesset’s weekly View From France article rounds up all the D1 Arkema action, including exclusive pitchside photography from Olympique Lyonnais matches. Don’t miss it every Monday on Impetus. The most recent article from this week can be read here: https://impetusfootball.org/2023/01/23/the-view-from-france-53/

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