Manchester City v Arsenal Photo Gallery

Matthew Appleby was pitchside at The Academy Stadium for Impetus yesterday to capture the best of the action as these two Barclays WSL heavyweights went head to head (12/2/23).

Above: Celebration time as Manchester City take an early lead. Photo: Matthew Appleby for Impetus.

Manchester City 2-1 Arsenal

EXCLUSIVE Photo Gallery from Matthew Appleby.

Teams: MANCHESTER CITY (4-2-3-1): Roebuck, Casparij, Houghton, Greenwood, Aleixandri, Hasegawa, Angeldahl, Kelly, Coombs, Hemp, Shaw. Substitutes: Fowler, Castellanos, Raso, Ouhabi, MacIver (GK), Blakstad.

Scorers: Hemp 4′, Kelly 43′.

ARSENAL (3-4-3): Zinsburger, Williamson, Wubben-Moy, Carvalho Souza, Maritz, Little, Maanum, Catley, Pelova, Blackstenius, Foord. Substitutes: Beattie, Wälti, D’Angelo, McCabe, Hurtig, Marckese, Queiroz Costa, Møller Kühl, Weinroither.

Scorer: Carvalho Souza 59′.

Referee: Rebecca Welch.

Attendance: 4,542.

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