Liverpool v Leicester City photo gallery

Matthew Appleby was at Prenton Park for Impetus yesterday to capture the best of the action from the Barclays Women’s Super League match between Liverpool and Leicester City (13/2/23)

Above: Liverpool and Leicester City battle for possession yesterday. Photo: Matthew Appleby for Impetus.

Matthew Appleby’s EXCLUSIVE photo gallery from Prenton Park:

Teams: LIVERPOOL (5-4-1): Laws, Roberts, Bonner, Matthews, Campbell, Hinds, Nagano, Holland, Kearns, Lawley, Stengel. Substitutes: Robe, Lundgaard, Daniels, Cumings, Kirby, Dowie, Silcock, Taylor.

LEICESTER CITY (4-2-3-1): Leitzig, Bott, Howard, Plumptre, Nevin, Tierney, Mace, Whelan, Goodwin, Cain, Jones. Substitutes: Lambourne, Eaton-Collins, Pike, Simon, Green, Purfield, Lavell, Baker, Robinson.

Scorer: Cain 8′.

Referee: Richie Watkins.

Attendance: Not publicised.

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