Barry Town United v Abergavenny photo gallery

Perry Dobbins was at Jenner Park to capture this outstanding selection of photos from Barry Town United‘s Genero Adran Premier match against Abergavenny (1/3/23).

Above: Abergavenny players show their delight after their win at Barry Town United, secured four minutes from full-time Photo: Perry Dobbins.

Barry Town United 0-1 Abergavenny

Abergavenny (red) started their phase two Genero Adran Premier campaign with a 1-0 win at Barry Town United, thanks to a goal in the 86th minute from Alanna Murphy.

Teams: BARRY TOWN UNITED: Brennan, Harris, Jenkins, Ebbin, Mulenga, Jones, Bennett, Evans, Hamed-Jones, Trivett, Olden. Substitutes: Herbert, R. Thomas, L. Thomas, Parry, Davies.

ABERGAVENNY: Gingell, Atkins, Barnes, Boyd, Bull, C. Davies, Grosvenor, Murphy, Scrivens, Stanton, Williams. Substitutes: Chambers, Cybulska, Wilce.

Scorer: Murphy 86′.

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