Talaslahti weighs up options for her future

Exclusive interview by Jean-Pierre Thiesset

Above: Katriina Talaslahti warming up before FC Fleury 91’s game against Nantes at the start of this month in the Coupe de France. Photo: Jean-Pierre Thiesset for Impetus.

Finnish goalkeeper Katriina Talaslahti, who helped FC Fleury 91 to finish fourth in D1 Arkema last season and progress to the semifinal of Coupe de France, revealed to Impetus’ Jean-Pierre Thiesset that after having very little game time this year after the return of Manon Heil from giving birth, she needs to consider her options carefully.

Talaslahti said that, even though she remains on good terms with FC Fleury 91, she does not fully understand the predicament regarding her lack of minutes this season. As her contract at the club will end at the end of the campaign, the shot-stopper says that she has, as yet, had no contact with the club about a new deal.

Speaking about how she feels at this stage of her career, the Finnish player said: “As I am turning 23 this year, my priority now is to have playing time so that makes me think to change and look to new opportunities; but otherwise, I am feeling good in my life, and this is just the football situation I am not happy with.”

Her first choice would be to continue to play in France in D1 Arkema because she believes that it is a very good standard and she enjoys life in France. However, Talaslahti is open to move to one of the top teams in the main leagues in Europe like Germany, Spain, or Italy. She revealed that England would be nice too but, due to restrictions on overseas players there in terms of the amount of minutes they play at their current club, it is unlikely she would be eligible for a move to the WSL.

The Finn also reflected on the recent upheaval around the French national team and the eventual departure of head coach Corinne Diacre by saying: “It was a good thing that Wendie Renard step(ped) up as she is a very big person and player in women’s football. Everyone knows her, and even if it is going to look negative first, the outcome will be better for France team.”

The FC Fleury 91 goalkeeper concluded by saying: “I am confident in my future because I work hard. I know my own level, and I know that I can play in a higher-level team.”

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