AFC Bournemouth v Maidenhead United Photo Gallery

Andy Wicks was pitchside at the Vitality Stadium for the tier four FA Women’s National League Division One South-West match between AFC Bournemouth and Maidenhead United in front of a crowd of 3,067 with the game ending goalless (17/4/23).

Above: Maidenhead United are denied by brave goalkeeping yesterday. Photo: Andy Wicks

Teams: AFC BOURNEMOUTH: Cooper, Eilkins, Elliott, Fripp, Jones, Mortimer, Scadding, Smith, J. Treweek, Gladwell, A. Treweek. Substitutes: Francis, Hughes, McKinnon, Topping.

MAIDENHEAD UNITED: Harvey, Pool, Thompson, Saunders, Bloor, Malhorta, Carvill, Fisher, Cowell, Halfacree, Lunn. Substitutes: Cipriano, O’Brien, Thomas, Stockton, Carty-Duhaney.

Attendance: 3,067.

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