NWSL: Bats unleashed: Can Gotham swarm Washington Spirit?

Denise Duffy and Jonathon Hagger combine to provide a detailed preview of Washington Spirit’s game against Gotham FC, plus we report on Gotham’s newly announced link up with Benfica (25/5/23). Above: Jenna Nighswonger celebrates scoring for Gotham FC. Photo: Devon Cafaro / Gotham FC. Gotham FC, previously the bottom dweller of the NWSL, has surprisedContinue reading “NWSL: Bats unleashed: Can Gotham swarm Washington Spirit?”

Lyon Comfortably Dispatch Benfica

Jean-Pierre Thiesset was pitchside in the Groupama Stadium EXCLUSIVELY for Impetus to report and photograph on the UEFA Women’s Champions League Group D game between Olympique Lyonnais and Benfica. Above: Melvine Malard’s sensational overhead kick goal which put Lyon 3-0 ahead over Benfica. Photo exclusively for Impetus by: Jean-Pierre Thiesset. Olympique Lyonnais wrapped up a comfortableContinue reading “Lyon Comfortably Dispatch Benfica”