From songs to sponsorships: the work & dedication of women’s Active Supporters.

SPECIAL REPORT: #ImpetusFootball’s @KaptinYap spoke to @thewesterncore , @roarcorps @activejets , the @cornerofyellow and the @victory_vikings about the works and dedication of the active support groups in the #ALeaguewomen

Women’s Football Deserves Commitment To Time Frames And Tangible Aims

by Kieran Yap (28/2/22) We are all on the same team, but women’s football fans need to know what the game plan is. The priority this season as it was last, is to keep the league running against unprecedented challenges. For this the APL and Football Australia deserve commendation. However, with good reason, the fansContinue reading “Women’s Football Deserves Commitment To Time Frames And Tangible Aims”

USWNT and the X-Factor

The United States’ showing at this Olympic Games has been one of the hot discussion points, but Kris Goman has picked up on something else. A fractured fanbase leading to online hate directed at the team due to misconceptions over the way the players faced during the National Anthem and over the Black Lives MatterContinue reading “USWNT and the X-Factor”