Impetus 2021 Awards

It’s been another great year for women’s football and seven Impetus writers, Ben Gilby, Catherine Paquette, Darrell Allen, Jean-Pierre Thiesset, Kate Tigchelaar, Kieran Yap, and Kris Goman highlight their player, coach, moment, and unsung hero of the year. In true Impetus style, there are representatives from the top flight and grassroots levels of the women’sContinue reading “Impetus 2021 Awards”

Janice Cayman: The “Belgian Knife” of Women’s Football

Olympique Lyonnais and Belgian international Janice Cayman spoke EXCLUSIVELY to Impetus’ French editor Jean-Pierre Thiesset about her career, life off the pitch and how she got her unique nickname. Above: Janice Cayman in action during Olympique Lyonnais’ game against Fribourg (Switzerland) on July 31, 2021. Photo: Jean-Pierre Thiesset for Impetus. Janice Cayman was born onContinue reading “Janice Cayman: The “Belgian Knife” of Women’s Football”