Rachel Corboz: A Franco-American in the Champagne Country

Impetus’ French editor Jean-Pierre Thiesset spoke exclusively to Reims captain Rachel Corboz.

Above: Rachel Corboz (right) in action for Reims at Olympique Lyonnais on 2nd August. Photo: Jean-Pierre Thiesset for Impetus.

Rachel Corboz was born on May 1, 1996, in Mobile, Alabama, USA to French-born parents, Michel and Christine.

Rachel has a dual citizenship French and American. Her father was a semi-professional footballer in Grenoble, France. Rachel grew up in Green Brook Township, New Jersey and has a brother, Mael, and a sister, Daphne both older than her; they both play football too.

Her brother started playing at university in the USA and now plays in Germany. Her sister also started football at university. She and Rachel then moved to play for Fleury, France before going on to play for Paris FC, France in D1 Arkema.

Rachel spent four years with the Georgetown University women’s soccer team where she scored 34 goals in 88 appearances. She received several distinctions in Big East Conference including Midfielder of the Year during her second year and her senior year. Rachel has been previously selected to train with the United States at U-18, U-20, and U-23 age groups.

Rachel signed for FC Fleury in June 2018. In her first season with the club, she made 19 appearances. She then moved to Reims in D1 Arkema, in June 2019. She played 15 games in 2019-2020 season, and 18 games in season 2020-2021 in which she delivered two decisive passes and scored three goals. She was appointed captain of Reims for the beginning of the 2021/22 season.

Rachel also prepares her future and follow her studies with a Masters in Adaptation to Climate Changes.

Above: Rachel Corboz. Photo: JK Sikorsynski, Stade de Reims.


Jean-Pierre Thiesset (JPT): What is your best position to play and which other positions could you play?

Rachel Corboz (RC): My preferred position is as an offensive midfielder, but I can play also off centre on the right or on the left side even if I am right-handed because I have both feet.

JPT: Who/what inspired you to become a football player?

RC: Above all, my brother and my sister who are three years older than me, who played both football and I wanted to follow my sister and do like her. Also, at home, we watched a lot of football with my family and that must have influenced me.

JPT: Why do you play in France rather than in USA?

RC: I prefer the game style that we play in Europe and in France. I find it more technical and tactical, and it suits me better.

JPT: Who is your role-model if you have one?

RC: The player I like is Dzsenifer Marozsan. First because she plays in the same position as me and that in my opinion, she is the best both technically and tactically in this position.

JPT: What is your greatest challenge on the pitch?

RC: I am rather technical, and not very physical, so my biggest challenge on the field is to resist to physical impacts.

JPT: What is your greatest challenge off the pitch?

RC: I would like to be even more sure and confident in myself. It is also a challenge on the pitch elsewhere (laughs).

JPT: Who are your closest teammates?

RC: I am very open and friendly, and I am close to everyone.

JPT: What do you like to get up to off the pitch?

RC: I like to read in English, and practice yoga. I read a bit of everything but mostly novels. Now I am reading “Le comte de Monte-Cristo”. I also devote a lot of time to my studies.

Above: Rachel Corboz. Photo: Jean-Pierre Thiesset for Impetus

JPT: What makes Reims such a great club to play for?

RC: We have the same facilities than the men and it really is a big plus. We are a united team, all the girls get along well, there are no small groups, everyone talks to everyone and that I think is really a plus in a team because when there starts to be muddles or differences, this is where a team can have problems. It has been like that for three years and it is something that I really appreciated when I arrived in Reims. We also have coaches who are really invested and who really want us to be ambitious as a team; as we do better and better each year, it is good for the team, and I hope it will continue like this (laughs).

JPT: What is your preferred animal?

RC: I love cats. I just had a little kitten.

JPT: What are your preferred foods?

RC: I like everything a bit, but my favourite thing is my mother’s Vegetarian Lasagne.

JPT: What kind of music do you like?

RC: I did not listen a lot of music, but I like alternative music. I like Taylor Swift.

JPT: What is your main quality?

RC: My kindness. I think it is very important to be nice to everyone, even to people you do not know. I was raised by parents who showed me the importance of having this quality with all the people you meet.

JPT: What do you need to improve in your game?

RC: I must improve my speed and my explosiveness. I also must improve my heading because I do not like to make headers (laughs).

JPT: Is there a message you would like to give to your fans?

RC: Thank you very much for supporting us and I think it is important that you continue to support us. I think the only way for women’s football to grow is through the supporters who come to games and those who watch the games on TV. Keep supporting us, there have been more and more spectators since my first year here and it would be nice to see more and more people at the games.

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