Rachel Corboz: A Franco-American in the Champagne Country

Impetus’ French editor Jean-Pierre Thiesset spoke exclusively to Reims captain Rachel Corboz. Above: Rachel Corboz (right) in action for Reims at Olympique Lyonnais on 2nd August. Photo: Jean-Pierre Thiesset for Impetus. Rachel Corboz was born on May 1, 1996, in Mobile, Alabama, USA to French-born parents, Michel and Christine. Rachel has a dual citizenship FrenchContinue reading “Rachel Corboz: A Franco-American in the Champagne Country”

Lyon Off And Running

Olympique Lyonnais 3-0 Stade de Reims Exclusive Words and Photos by Jean-Pierre Thiesset at the Groupama Training Centre for Impetus. Above: Christiane Endler dives to make a save on her D1 Arkema debut for Olympique Lyonnais. Photos exclusive to Impetus by: Jean-Pierre Thiesset. Lyon started by playing very high on the field and putting aContinue reading “Lyon Off And Running”