Five Minutes With Susan Phonsongkham

Above: Susan Phonsongkham gets in a tackle for Perth Glory at Sydney FC in January. Photo: Kris Goman for Impetus.

For this week’s #MidweekDub feature, Perth Glory’s Susan Phonsongkham had a quick question and answer exchange with Impetus’ Ben Gilby (2/3/22).

BG: Can you give us a taster of your footballing journey from junior football onwards.

SP: I was born in Thailand so I started playing football with neighbours and friends on the streets and representing my school. But I also enjoy other sports as well. Football didn’t get serious until I moved to Australia. I started playing for my local team Burwood FC and that’s when my footballing journey kicks off. 

BG: It’s been great to see you again at this level after injury. Why did you choose Perth Glory to continue your career?

SP: I knew that I had to be out of my comfort zone to improve and go to that next level and Perth was the right option for me. 

Above: Susan Phonsongkham in typical control on the wing. Photo: Kris Goman for Impetus.

BG: You have a great ability to control the ball in tight spaces. What helped you to develop this skill so well?

SP: I’m not perfect at it but I will always try to work on it as much as I can. Being on the ball, dribbling through cones and juggling helped me a lot to develop the skill.

BG: Perth has recruited many ex-Young Matildas like yourself. Was there anybody in particular you were looking forward to joining forces with?

SP: You’re right, there’s a lot of familiar faces from my Future Matildas and Young Matildas days. It is good to be with them all and I’m excited to be playing and training them. 

BG: How much did it mean to you to score on debut for a new club? 

SP: It meant a lot for me and the team to get the win that night. To get a goal on my Perth Glory debut was really exciting. 

Above: Susan Phonsongkam has been a creative spark for Perth Glory this season. Photo: Kris Goman for Impetus.

BG: Tell us about Alex Epakis as a coach. What’s he like as a person and what is he like to work with?

SP: Alex is a great coach and also a great person. He is very motivated to achieve many things with the team and I want to be a part of it as it drives me to go to the next level and I’m grateful for the opportunity he has given me. 

BG: What’s it been like having Lisa De Vanna in the squad this season? 

SP: Having Lisa’s experience and achievement is a great asset for the team. She knows what it takes to win big games and also she helps younger players like myself. 

BG: After coming back after such a long-term injury, what were your own personal aims coming into this campaign? Do you think you’ve achieved them?

SP: Personally I wanted to help my team do well this season and improve together to achieve the squad end goals of competing strongly in each game. We’ve certainly done that. 

Artwork: Graphics By PW.

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