The View From France

Above: Action from Olympique Lyonnais’ game at Reims last weekend. Photo: OL Feminin.

Jean-Pierre Thiesset summarizes the 15th round of D1 Arkema (3/3/22).

Montpellier at home won 2-0 against Dijon. It was an easy game for Montpellier who dominated (64% possession, 19 shots with eight on target). However, they had to wait until the very end of the first half to score their first goal. With this win, Montpellier close the gap on Fleury to three points from the fourth spot. Goals for Montpellier from Faustine Robert (45+2), Lena Petermann (61 penalty).

Issy won 5-1 at home against Soyaux. In a game where Soyaux had more possession than Issy (62%-38%), Issy were more efficient and won comfortably. This was an important game for both teams as Issy were bottom of the table were Soyaux 10th at the beginning of the game. With this win, Issy move up to 11th and are only three points behind Soyaux, and they can still hope to save their season. Goals for Issy from Allie Thornton (7), Batcheba Louis (17, 40), Roselord Borgella (45+1), Océane Daniel (56). Goal for Soyaux from Eden Avital (81).  

Bordeaux at home won 3-0 against Saint-Etienne. Despite the scoreline, it was an even game. Bordeaux were a lot more efficient and won easily to consolidate their sixth place in the standings. Goals for Bordeaux from Claire Lavogez (33), Daphne Mélissa Herrera Monge (52), Maëlle Garbino (90+1).  

Paris FC won 5-2 away from home against Guingamp. In an even game from a statistical point of view, Paris FC were more efficient and won this game.  With this win, Paris FC secures its third place in terms of qualifying for UEFA Women’s Champions League and are now six points ahead of Fleury. To be noted, that the Paris FC goals were scored by five different players. Goals for Paris FC from Daphne Marie Corboz (12), Louna Ribadeira (15), Clara Matéo (29), Célina Ould Hocine (37), Mathilde Bourdieu (69). Goals for Guingamp from Sally Julini (42 penalty), Louise Fleury (79).

Above: Fleury and Paris SG teams’ presentation. Photo: Jean-Pierre Thiesset for Impetus.

Olympique Lyonnais away from home, won 2-0 against Reims. This was largely dominated by Lyon: 70% possession, 27 shots with 14 on target, 525 passes with 85% successful, and 14 corners. However, the score was still 0-0 at half time and the second goal was scored at the very end of the game (90+3). So large domination by Lyon but without being able to be more efficient. To be noted, it was the 100th game for Selma Bacha as a professional player for Lyon at only 21. Goals for Lyon from Melvine Malard (61), Wendie Renard (90+3).  

Paris Saint-Germain won 4-0 away from home against Fleury. This game was largely dominated by Paris SG: 74% possession, 653 passes with 84% successful, but only 11 shots with five on target. Fleury coach, Fabrice Abriel, had decided to play in a 5-4-1 formation to try to limit Paris SG strikers but this has consequently left the ball to Paris SG in midfield depriving Fleury’s strikers of the ball (only five shots from Fleury). I am not used to speaking about referees, but in this game, Fleury could have had a penalty and we must note that with about the same number of fouls (13 for Fleury against 11 for Paris SG) Fleury had two yellow cards. However, Paris SG won, and the gap in quality was high for Fleury. Goals for Paris SG from Grace Geyoro (8), Paulina Dudek (22 penalty), Kadidiatou Diani (62), Ramona Bachmann (89).

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